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The Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Technology is a wonderful thing. From modern medicine to the Internet to virtual reality, technological advancements during the past century have truly been a wonder to behold. After all, without a computer, smartphone or tablet and the Internet, you wouldn’t […]

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The New Subprime Risk

My wife and I started looking for a new car recently. Our old, faithful Volvo 850 — nearly 20 years old now — is long (way long) past its prime. I know, I know — I should have gotten rid […]

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Taxes Are Your Money

A few years back, comedian Trevor Noah, a fellow South African, first appeared on The Daily Show, which he now hosts. Then-host Jon Stewart played up Noah’s status as a recent arrival by asking him about his trip into town […]

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In Gold We Trust

I’m not referencing the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast released this past week. I’m talking about gold — and the rich role it has in any savvy investor’s portfolio.   See, gold can be a fantastic hedge against […]