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Avoiding Digital Probate

Many of my friends are professional musicians, just like my saxophonist grandfather. It’s a tough life. For all but the top few, it means barely scraping by, in exchange for opportunities to do what they really love — opportunities that […]

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Amazon: E-Commerce At Any Cost

Culture — noun; the customs, arts, social institutions, achievements, attitudes and behavior characteristics of a particular nation, people or other social group. It’s a word with a collection of rather interesting meanings. It’s also a word that, thanks to Amazon, […]

Amazon Just ‘Jumped The Shark’

Amazon Just ‘Jumped The Shark’

It’s the kind of merger that just makes a lot of sense. I mean, just think — two of the dominant businesses in their respective categories… “An unprecedented powerhouse,” said analyst Scott Ehrens. “Now they have this great platform they […]