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Cyberattacks Prove That No One Is Safe

The hackers studied their target for months — the central bank of Bangladesh. First, they used their cyberskills to steal the institution’s top-secret international money transfer code. Now they could request large wires of bank funds — electronic transmissions of […]

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A Cryptocurrency for the IoT

The amount of data in the world is growing at a pace never seen before. Companies have been rushing to be the first ones to store and manage it efficiently. In fact, it’s created an entire industry: cloud storage. Twenty […]

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Play This Miracle On Main Street

At my house, we’re in full-on Christmas mode. It’s the first holiday season in three years we’ve spent at home, instead of visiting family or soaking up the sun at our beach house in Cape Town. To celebrate, my wife […]

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Worse Than the 2008 Crisis?

When it seems like all the odds are against you, and failure is your only option, which of these options do you choose: If at first you don’t succeed … you run as far away as possible. You hold on […]

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When the Party Ends

It’s all starting to feel like very familiar territory now… Nothing financially bad can ever happen again. The stock market feels nice and cozy. What’s not to like when the price of assets can only go in one direction? This […]

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Bitcoin Is NOT Gold

Bitcoin is the boom speculation of 2017. We have crowds on Wall Street shouting for it to march straight to $20,000 and beyond. Other crowds are shouting that it’s a bubble ready to pop. We have the Winklevoss twins hailed […]

Inflation Is Staring You In The Face

Inflation Is Staring You In The Face

I’m a natural contrarian … and today, I’m going to contradict myself. Last week, I wrote that it’s imperative to plan your future based on value, not price. But prices matter too, especially in the short term. For example: Is […]

January Effect A Myth?

January Effect A Myth?

A few years ago, I discovered Napoleon Bonaparte wasn’t a tiny man. He was around 5 feet 7 inches tall — above average for French folks around the turn of the 18th century. I was shocked. (Could I still use […]

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Amazon’s Coming Anti-Trust Battle

What happens when big companies get too big? They get taken apart at the government scrapyard (otherwise known as the antitrust division of the Department of Justice). And with the Trump administration’s new antitrust enforcer Makan Delrahim now confirmed by […]

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The Importance Of Rebalancing

My father has a green thumb. He comes by it naturally through his father. With me, it skipped a generation. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love wandering around my father’s property as he points out his various plants […]