Author: Mark Melin

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Deutsche Bank: Watch Out For Inflation

With market risks from the French election having lessened, don’t dismiss the concept that inflation might come roaring back. The economy is strong, even as “Trump trades have fizzled or even reversed course in recent weeks,” a Deutsche Bank “House […]

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Two-tier Commodity Pricing Ahead

As China approaches “the biggest change in political governance since the Cultural Revolution,” what does this mean for stability and commodity prices? Chinese economic growth is expected to moderate to various degrees. With Macquarie commodities analyst Colin Hamilton looking at […]

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Moody’s Sounds Alarm On Smaller Chinese Banks

On the surface, the picture for Chinese banks is improving, particularly for larger banks. Delinquent loan ratios are down as are “special mention” modification cases and loan loss reserves look positive, an April 19 Moody’s report pointed out. The story […]

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Chinese Housing Shorts Vex Teton Capital Partners

Quincy Lee is a man of patience that is currently being tested in the Chinese market. The investment manager driving returns for nearly $1.1 billion under management at Teton Capital Partners has been vocal regarding Chinese markets in the past. […]