Author: Maj Soueidan

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Practical Red Flags

In early October of this year, I gave a Red Flags speech at the Traders4ACause charity event at Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas. I was honored to have spoken alongside Sahm Andrangi (@KerrisdaleCapital), Jon Najarian (@jonnajarian), Ryan Sellers (@openoutcrier), Andrew […]

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Zoned Properties CEO Interview

Zoned Properties Inc. (OTCQX:ZDPY)  has joined the Executive Casts platform to connect with its investors about aspects of its operations, as well as to shed some light on key executives’ personal backgrounds, experience, and perspectives.  Zoned Properties, Inc. is a commercial […]

5 Tips To Become A Better Investor

5 Tips To Become A Better Investor

Learning how to become a better investor is a never-ending process, from beginner to experienced.  Becoming a better investor is no different than other aspects of our daily and professional lives. I am a big sports fan and playing tennis […]

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Avoiding Fraud

“But he seemed like such a nice man.  It never crossed my mind he could be a crook.”  This sentence has been said about Bernie Madoff, Florian Homm, and Charles Ponzi.  Yet these men lied and stole billions of dollars […]

Tillinghast And System Thinking

Tillinghast And System Thinking

We here at GeoInvesting pride ourselves on being information arbitragers, on using understanding gleaned from research and listening and “turning over rocks” to quote Peter Lynch.  We try to remain agnostic in terms of our position bias (even if we […]