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Many academics claim that investing is a random walk. We believe this to be partially correct, but believe that value investing can outperform the market, hence the name Value Walk. was started in January 2010, with a focus on value investing and value investors. As the site has grown, the scope has expanded. ValueWalk covers all breaking financial news with an emphasis on value investing, hedge funds, large asset managers, tech news, and business news.  The site contains archives of famous investors and many investor resource pages.

The site is famous in the value investing community as one of the best sites for evergreen and new content. ValueWalk has gained popularity among all circles for its breaking stories on hedge funds, and investigative reports on investments by major hedge funds.

ValueWalk regularly breaks stories regarding performance, personnel changes, and any significant events for large/famous hedge funds. The site has also broken significant economic news. Some examples include the fact that Jacob Lew would be the next treasury secretary (September 2012), Mary Schapiro would resign as SEC chairwoman (October 2012), and DISH Network was actively looking for a large acquisition (July 2012).

The site receives 4.0M views a month, over 1.5M unique visitors, has Google Pr of 5, and an Alexa ranking of 10k. Over 40 percent of ValueWalk’s audience make over $100K a year, 22 percent earn over $150K a year, and 30% have graduate degrees. We get traffic from analysts at all the big banks, hedge funds (including CEOs at mult-billion-dollar hedge funds), PE firms, VC firms, corporations, HNWIs, etc. The site has tens of thousands of subscribers via the newsletter, Twitter, Facebook and other mediums. While ValueWalk receives a broad arrange of visitors, most readers work in the financial industry, specifically at hedge funds and in wealth management.

ValueWalk is cited/quoted/sourced by every major media outlet, including WSJ, NYT, Bloomberg, Reuters, CNN, CNBC, FT, CBS, The Guardian, Huffington PostDrudge Report etc. The site is also cited on a regular basis in sell side reports, and industry research.

ValueWalk is considered an authoritative financial news source especially in the asset management industry.

Stocks/markets move based on our coverageanother exampleanother exampleanother examplesecond to last one, and one last one. These are just a few of dozens of cases where ValueWalk moved the markets.

ValueWalk’s Facebook page is officially verified; what that means can be found here.

ValueWalk is considered one of the top 50 investing blogs by The Daily Reckoning.  ValueWalk has been included in Bloomberg’s Terminal VIP Twitter list. ValueWalk has been named a must-follow for fundamental investors by Stocktwits, and a must-follow by Business Insider in 2012 and in 2013.

Regarding Bloomberg Terminal VIP list, NYMag states:

‘Being on Bloomberg’s VIP list isn’t just a meaningless status symbol. (Although it is that, too.) It’s tantamount to being able to broadcast your thoughts into every firm on Wall Street, and each person on the list gets more than 300,000 silent followers, who may or may not be trading millions of dollars based on their 140-character musings.’

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