In an interview on FOX Business Network’s (FBN) Mornings with Maria (weekdays, 6a-9a/ET), Senate Finance Committee Chairman Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) discusses what is expected from President Donald Trump’s new tax reform plan that will be announced later today with anchor Maria Bartiromo.


By Republican Party (United States) ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Excerpts from the interview are below:



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On lowering the tax rate:

“Well I think Republicans are almost in uniform about cutting the rates and getting them down lower. Let’s face it, we’re way too high. And frankly it’s debilitating a lot of people in the business community, making it much more difficult for us to do, to increase our economy the way we’d like to see it done. So, I’d like to bring those rates down for basically everybody, including businesses as well…we’re so equally divided that it’s going to be almost impossible to do without some Democratic help and I’m hopeful that we can do that.”


On whether Republicans will be able to get tax reform done in 2017:

“Yes, I think we can but we will need to have some Democrat help. I think we got to put aside the differences and start working together. “


On whether he will vote yes to raising tax rates for the wealthy:
“Well, I’d like not to. I’m a right cutter, and always have been, always will be. And frankly I’d like to get those rates down because I think by doing that we give more added incentives to the economy and in the end we come out a lot better than we would if we don’t do that…now, it’s time to lower those rates and lets sew what we can do to get this economy off and running again.”


On the corporate tax rate:

“I’d like to bring the corporate rate down. The president wanted 15 percent, we can’t get it that low, but if we can get it down to the 20’s we are doing a very good job.”