Lovo Brings Design And Fun Pop Art Speakers For Music Lovers

LovoImage Source: André Fangueiro / Lovo Speakers

Music is a great way to express yourself. We all enjoy good music when having fun, entertaining friends, and relaxing. It all seems good until you realize that most speakers out there are serious and professional-looking. They don’t reflect your mood or personality. So, Andre Fangueiro of Studio Lata designed Lovo speakers with fun and expression in mind.

Inspired by pop art and the bullhorn

Lovo speakers were inspired by pop art and the bullhorn to bring fun to your home while playing music. The speaker system is compatible with the iPhones and most Android devices. Just place your smartphone on the top and let the music play. Andre Fangueiro told ValueWalk that it has a microphone jack for the brave of us who want to transform Lovo into their personal karaoke speakers.

Fangueiro claims that the stylish speakers can fit in both modern and classic interior. It offers 360 degrees sound, Bluetooth, and battery charger. The speaker system comes in four different colors: fado black, samba yellow, groovy blue, and tango red. The company plans to make it available in two more color options based on consumer feedback once they start production.

Image source: André Fangueiro / Lovo Speakers

Image source: André Fangueiro / Lovo Speakers

Lovo launches Indiegogo campaign

The visually appealing speaker system was designed not just for music lovers, but also for people who want to have a cool design icon in their homes that reflects their personality. Currently, Lovo is in the prototype stage. André Fangueiro has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the production of speakers.

Though the Lovo speakers have a regular price tag of $199, you can get them for just $159 by backing them on Indiegogo. However, only 99 backers will get the super-early bird discount. The company is also offering a $20 early bird discount off the regular price.

André Fangueiro expects to start shipping the speakers worldwide in December 2017.

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