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Olympics – The (Investors) Road To Rio [INFOGRAPHIC]

Olympics – The (Investors) Road To Rio

The road to Rio is almost over with the opening ceremony only days away. Will USA come out on top again? Of course, all eyes are going to be on Michael Phelps, the first American swimmer to qualify for five Olympics (for those counting at home, Phelps was 15 at his first Olympics). We can’t help of think of him as the personification of the US stock market – coming back, year after year, Olympics after Olympics, even if he has some rough patches in between.

In the spirit of the Olympics, we thought what better way to celebrate the world’s greatest athletes than thinking what asset classes best represent each sport.

P.S. – Go USA!

Olympics - The (Investors) Road To Rio Infographic

The Investors Road to Rio – An infographic by the team at RCM’s Attain Alternatives Blog

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