Galaxy Note 6: Everything We Know So Far

With Samsung due to release the Galaxy S7 on February 21 ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, it is not surprising that this handset is garnering a large amount of attention. But another release from Samsung could in fact be the highlight of the year from the Korean manufacturer, particularly based on recent devices.

The Galaxy Note range has been particularly critically acclaimed in recent years, and the phablet nature of the device has encouraged Samsung to pack it with some of the most impressive specs in the industry. And the Galaxy Note 6 is set to continue this trend later this year, delivering a package that will be extremely attractive to both consumers and business users.

Galaxy Note 6: Everything We Know So Far

Galaxy Note 6 release

It is typical for Galaxy Note devices to be released in the third quarter of a calendar year, and this is expected to be repeated with the Galaxy Note 6. The Galaxy Note 5 launched on August 13 last year, alongside the Galaxy S6 Edge+, but Samsung is expected to simplify its product range in 2016. This will mean that the Galaxy Note 6 will be a standalone device when it is released, although it is probable that there will be a curved version of the handset that will carry the same moniker.

Sources close to the Samsung supply chain indicate that the Galaxy Note 6 will follow this precedent and launch in the Western marketplace in August 2016. This would mean that Samsung would continue to diverge from its previous practice of launching the device at the beginning of September at the IFA trade show.


Samsung is unlikely to depart significantly from the Galaxy Note 5 when its next generation smartphone is unveiled, considering the positive impression that both consumers and critics have had of the previous smartphone in the series. The all-metallic build of the Galaxy Note 5 moved away from the leather and plastic materials utilized by predecessors in the range, and this was a welcome modernizing of the Galaxy Note phablet.

It is extremely likely that the Galaxy Note 6 will also be metallic, and other physical features from previous devices, such as the S-Pen stylus, are also like to reappear. Reports have also indicated that a fingerprint sensor is likely to be included in this phablet, as security becomes increasingly important for mobile manufacturers.


This will be one of the most interesting areas of speculation with regard to the Galaxy Note 6, as it has been widely predicted that Samsung will include 4K resolution in this next generation phablet. The Galaxy Note 5 offered a 2,560 x 1,440 resolution that delivered a pixel density of 515ppi, but with the Galaxy S7 also providing quad HD resolution, it is suggested that Samsung will bump up the Galaxy Note 6 to the increasingly mainstream 4K resolution.

It is also believed that Samsung will slightly increase the size of the display in the Galaxy Note 6 to 5.8-inches.


There is a lot of debate about the camera technology that will be included in the Galaxy Note 6, and already expectations about the phablet have varied significantly. Some weeks ago, it was widely believed that Samsung would look to significantly increase the 16-megapixel rating of the Galaxy Note 5, but this is now thrown into doubt by plans that the Korean corporation apparently has for the Galaxy S7.

BRITECELL technology has been linked with the Galaxy S7, as Samsung attempts to improve the low-light shooting capabilities of its flagship smartphone. In accordance with this, it is naturally expected that this innovative technology will also be included in the Galaxy Note 6, but if this is the case then we shouldn’t necessarily expect to see a megapixel rating that is through the roof in comparison to the Galaxy Note 5.

Early predictions indicate that Samsung will downgrade the megapixel rating of the Galaxy S7, instead improving the camera’s capabilities by indeed including BRITECELL. This could mean that the corporation will also follow suit with the Galaxy Note 6, and include a 12-megapixel camera capable of shooting much higher grade pictures in darker conditions.

If Samsung really intends to impress, however, it could consider improving the megapixel rating in the Galaxy Note 6, while also embracing BRITECELL. Or at the very least, the phablet’s camera could be frozen at 16-megapixels.


It is early days to discuss the processor and chipset that is to be included in the Galaxy Note 6, particularly as Samsung has been making changes in this area recently. It has been widely predicted, although not explicitly confirmed by the Korean consumer electronics giant, that Qualcomm will be introduced back into the fold with the Galaxy S7, which could obviously have a significant influence over the Galaxy Note 6.

So the octa-core Exynos chipset that was included in the Galaxy Note 5 could be reserved solely for the East Asian marketplace, while the Galaxy Note 6 intended for the West could instead be fitted with a Qualcomm Snapdragon unit. Undoubtedly, the clock speeds of the processors included in the Galaxy Note 6 models will be increased significantly from their predecessors, particularly if Samsung does indeed decide to embrace 4K resolution.

One technical challenge for Samsung with the Galaxy Note 6 will be the possible reintroduction of micro SD. Support for this was dropped with the Galaxy Note 5, something that was not exactly enthusiastically welcomed by Android fans. Reports have indicated that the corporation will indeed include Micro SD with the Galaxy S7, which would then create something of an anomaly if it was not part of the makeup of its most high spec device.

However, the aluminum body caused issues for Samsung with including micro SD in the Galaxy Note 5, and this must be solved if Samsung is to include this technology in the Galaxy Note 6.

Finally, Samsung is expected to offer 128GB of storage with the Galaxy Note 6, bump the memory up to 6GB and ensure that the battery is at least as large as the one included in the Galaxy Note 5. It all adds up to a powerful phablet contender later this year.

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  • Faslane

    Looking better and better that it’ll be similar to an S7_Edge soecwise and possible (probably) even better. With adding back MicroSd, larger battery, more RAM, better camera, etc et . hope so…but all the rumors (some very credible as always every year with certain reviewers) seem to be pretty accurate. Fingets crossed.

  • Faslane

    I understand it well and good and neither do I upgrade every time either. Many batteries can be replaced whether they say so or not if you know how. I’ve done many that were deemed irreplaceable by anyone but a tech. It’s laughable easy most of the time. I think you’re referring to someone else’s post.

  • Trip66

    My point is your battery won’t go tits up before you get a new device. I have 10 year old devices that still work and hold a charge perfectly on their original batteries so unless your battery blows up you’ll sell the phone long before the battery needs replaced.

  • seeteedub

    I LOVE my Note 4. Don’t see anything new or worth changing for.

  • Marcus Leonard

    Not sure what your are reading but it is not my comments apparently. My issue is that I don’t change phones every time a new one comes out I keep my phone until it doesn’t do what I need it to. So if the battery life is reduced due to multiple charges I prefer to buy another battery and not replace a good phone. This is a valid point and if you can’t understand this your the one that is a idiot.

  • Faslane

    Sure it is…it’s one of them and a huge one at that. Everyone’s always says they wish it was removable so. Pflllt on your comment. It’s meaningless and untrue.

  • Faslane

    You can get a new battery replaced just can’t do it yourself unless you really know your t. My buddy did his just fine. Search YouTube. It’s possible just not for any average non-texhie. I’ve NEVER lost a battery ever. Hell I have treos that still power on with their original batteries so your chance of losing a battery these days are like 1/in a million. And if under warranty Sammy will do it for free too. Moot point dude. You’ll never lose your battery. You’ll trade device in for a newer one before that happens. My buddy lost.his because his kid shorted it out shovinf the wrong charger into the port from the wall…he’s 5 yrs old. He fixed it fine and it’s working perfectly.

  • 2 wheel only

    These new phone are just gimmicks, now much of a difference from its predecessors. They made the s6 and note 5 without expandable memory or removable batteries. Now the next phone they’re bringing it back. They tried to copy Apple and that pisses me off cause I only but samsung and that’s one of the main reasons why I don’t like apple.

  • wil

    note 4 has Mhl and removable battery.

  • Jim

    Sticking with the Note 4…Removable battery is a big deal with me. Don’t see anything wrong with the plastic back as I have the phone in a protective case anyway. Also the expandable memory is user practical. Don’t mind if the phone is a bit slower than the new ones. They don’t have enough new or better tech. to justify the money for an upgrade. My Note 4 does everything I want it to do. I think Samsung has gone for bling and not much substance since the Note 4. Why fix it if it ain’t broke?

  • seeteedub

    Yeah, I’m always a wait and see with the new phones…

    I really like they’ve readopted the expandable memory. I’m hoping they adapt the Note 6 with some of those same fantastic Galaxy S7 features you mentioned.

  • Marcus Leonard

    When battery life is diminished I prefer to replace battery not phone

  • daniellephoto

    I was totally disappointed in Samsung for not having a removal battery.I thought the removal battery would be a deal breaker for me too. But it hasn’t been. I mainly liked this feature so I can have the option to restart my phone by removing the battery when it would freeze up every blue moon. I always carry a charging bank in my purse for my phones, but this is really only used when I am traveling. I guess men don’t really have this option, however they do have the charging cases that I hear work well. I still have my Note 4 for everyday use, but I also have a Note 5 for business and it performs beautifully. However, I do love expandable storage, so hopefully they will bring that back. Now I am wanting to trade my Note 4 in for either the new S7 or Note 6. I have had it for over 2 years now but I like the snappy Note 5, so let’s see if it has improved in these new phones. We will see.

  • Marcus Leonard

    Not the point

  • Faslane

    Removable battery is a huge meh….you can easily get through an entire day and how often are you really away from a charger? Never…..

  • Faslane

    Bullshit article. Nothing but speculation and the S7 was just announced and blows the Note 5 out of th e water. It’s waterproof, liquid cooled, 4GB ram microsd slot is back and a huge battery to me tion a few. If the Note 6 doesn’t have all of this and more I’m definitely dumping my Note 5 for the S7 edge no doubt about it.

  • maaen

    Same for me…my Notes 3 and 4 will do fine by me ….I am in no great hurry any more…I just do not expect much anymore from Samsung ..but I want to be in the know about what lessons they might be ready to learn….or not as the case may be….but I will never be buying a phone with a sealed back with the battery serving a prison sentence.

  • maaen

    Same here…My Notes 3 and 4 will go on and on until I find the ideal phone….there is no reason for a phone to end up redundant…what the hell for….I will never fall for this MODERNISATION LARK FROM SAMSUNG…EMBEDDED BATTERY ….EVOLUTION OF STUPID

  • Marcus Leonard

    If battery is not removable I will again not buy. Will wait for removable battery to return or switch to a different phone. I love my note 4 and will keep it as long as it works. Or until they bring back removable battery

  • maaen

    Modernising of the phablet will mean that the battery will be integrated/embedded and must serve a permanent prison sentence..Modernising is a lovely word to provide an excuse for Samsung again……micro sd card will be returning once again…..also a part of the modernisation process…but not the removable battery…too much regression..’and the last year’s model was so well received….simply amazing….
    Let us see how much MODERNISING Samsung will do this year….