South China Sea belongs to us: Chinese Admiral

At a defense conference held in London on Monday, People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) Vice Admiral Yuan Yubai reiterated China’s claims to the entire South China Sea and proclaimed that the name of the sea implies China’s ownership of it. While the comment regarding the implication of ownership due to the name of the sea was the focus of most coverage of the event, there were several other interesting moments. These included comments made on a code of conduct for the South China Sea and comments made by a Japanese flag officer that implied that China is the primary threat to regional peace.

South China Sea belongs to us: Chinese Admiral

Yuan’s Comments

In response to comments made by a Japanese admiral concerning the South China Sea, Yuan stated “The South China Sea is a sea for all countries around and is a sea of peace. The South China Sea, as the name indicates… belongs to China.” Yuan’s comments were made at the Royal United Services Institute Sea Power Conference ahead of the Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI) expo in London. Among the attendees of the conference were flag officers from the navies of the U.S., Japan, Italy, UK, France, and elsewhere.

Yuan commands the PLAN North Sea Fleet whose zone of operations do not include any disputed maritime possessions. In so much, Yuan is in a better position to make such a grandiose claim than his colleagues commanding the East and South Sea Fleets.  Yuan further argued that the South China Sea has been Chinese since the Han Dynasty which ruled from 206 B.C. to A.D. 220. For the most part though, Yuan devoted his time at the conference to discussing the opportunities presented by China’s 21st Century Maritime Silk Route initiative. The Maritime Silk Road is a plan by Chinese President Xi Jinping to create a series of ports along global maritime trade routes.

Problems in the South China Sea: Comments by U.S. and Japanese Officials

President of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force’s (JMSDF) Command and Staff College, Vice Admiral Umio Otsuka argued that the JMSDF will work to maintain a credible deterrent capability in the South China Sea. Otsuka acknowledged the problems in the South China Sea and did claim that the actions of “a certain state actor” is destabilizing and could turn the region into “an ocean of war”. The state he implied was China.  Furthermore Otsuka spoke on 17th Century jurist Hugo Grotius’s “freedom of the sea” as the basis for international trade and security and which should be abided by in the South China Sea.

Admiral Harry Harris, Commander, U.S Pacific Command, spoke of China’s artificial island building in the South China Sea. In very clear times he said the islands are intended for military use as forward operating bases. This is especially true of Fiery Cross Reef where China is constructing a 3,000 meter long runway capable of accommodating aircraft ranging from the most modern fighters to long-range bombers.

Code of Conduct

Perhaps the more interesting aspect of the conference were the comments made by Yuan regarding the work between the U.S. and China in creating  military code of conduct for aircraft encounters in the South China Sea. Yuan in speaking positively of it said, “I believe after this code of conduct is successfully passed, all the neighboring countries around this area will have good communication with each other whenever such unexpected encounters occur.” Such a code of conduct is being sought in light of increasing friction brought on by close encounters between Chinese aircraft and those of other South China Sea claimant countries.

Using the presence of China in South China Sea as a basis for claiming ownership is fairly foolish and may have just been an unintentional, poorly thought out comment by Admiral Yuan. By his reasoning the Indian Ocean should then belong to India, a position which China recently vocally opposed. The name itself is meaningless; the historical claims are what truly matter and even Yuan’s contention that China’s claim dates back to the Han Dynasty is debatable. While this somewhat flippant remark has attracted the most media attention, perhaps more important were the insinuations made by Admiral Otsuka of the threat posed by China two seats away from the commander of the PLAN’s North Sea Fleet.

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  • Richard Seet

    China is speaking with respect to all and the message is clear – the giant has awakened.

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    Keep dreaming! What happens if we just stop buying Chinese products?

  • pesigan

    China should not act arrogantly, they must keep in a low profile. If america declared war with china, all powerful countries like japan, israel, australia, england, france, germany, canada, italy and korea will allign with america to fight china. I believe these combined forces will be happy and can easily destroyed china. Why happy, because china’s  dominance on export trade would diminish should war occur. As we all know, china’s export around the world are so huge and unchallenged due to its low cost. I advise china to act in accordance with International law and be good to all your neighbors in order not to interrupt your success accordingly.

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    Well, it’s not as if there were a bunch of native people’s on these islands that were independent nations in themselves that China is laying claim too. Oh wait, thats what America did with the Hawaiian islands. . Yet, China is supposed to be the bad guys. My bad. At least, China is laying claim to what is historically theirs. It’s only now that they can stand up for themselves and their claims that we have a hissy fit. Yet stupid Americans who know nothing about the region like to make self righteous comments about the region. Go study history and btw the US won’t do jack because the reality of the situation is that much of this area belongs to China so talk all you want and if McCain can have it his way send the navy 12 miles of the islands but at the end of the day nothing and nobody will prevent China from taking what is rightfully thiers to begin with.

  • pacmandu

    Grown up people acting like little KIDS. Shame, if these is how the so-called leaders of China acts, they need to be spanked!

  • Sofronio S. Saguid Jr

    China is still Poor. It’s still considered a 3rd world country mainly because their people are poor. The country have a lot of money but only the government has them. Unlike the U.S. , their wealth is not spread out amongst its citizens.

  • cramazrac

    These Chinese Admiral are Moron, Idiot & Stupid. Go to school and learn more about World Geography. You don’t have any basis in your claim, You are simply called land grabber and master of bullying to small country.

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    The recent military parade (muscle power) is just one of the steps to stem those rogues that keep preying on China, especially in the last two centuries when China was at her lowest ebb.

  • aquarium7

    Historical maps (in school text books) show Korea and Vietnam were under the rule of China spanning over many centuries. Needless to mention South China Sea. US citizen know very well about these history, before US even exist .

  • DJ EJ

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    LOL first India needs to stop abusing their own people in Kashmir, second Tibet doesn’t want to jump out of the pan and into the fire. They want their own country but they would rather join China then India. It’s not like Indians are super friendly to other people ( cough Assam and Nepal and ALL WOMEN)

    Same thing with Xinjiang, good luck joining the corrupt dictatorships of central asia. Finally Inner Mongolia belongs to China, because Mongolia itself was carved out of the Qing Dynasty by Russian Imperialism. No one is disputing the current territories between China and Mongolia.

  • RajeevS

    And Tibet belongs to India. East Turkmenistan (Xinxiang) belongs to Turkmenistan and Inner Mongolia belongs to Mongolia.

    South China belongs to all your neighbors.

  • Ronnie

    This idIotic statement so to speak of certain Chinese Vice Admiral Yuan Yubai is complete measure how this bully country indoctrinate their People including their Military…it doesn’t follow that when it was name “SOUTH CHINA SEA” it is owned by COMMUNIST CHINA.

  • DerpDerpDerp

    In words only. Paper navies don’t hold up.

  • Aidi Mangrove Abdullah

    While everyone is either knocking their own government or saying that it belongs to China, we, the smaller nations of the region around the waters are left looking in askance at what the hell is going on? A lot of us are being pushed around by China because we are unable to contain it. If the US does not keep the area open then we will all be nothing more than ‘forced customers’ to the Chinese. Ironic thing is that China grew so strong because it was the US companies that insisted that production of most things be sent there. America has actually created the monster that is now challenging them,

  • DJ EJ

    Knock Knock
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  • aquarium7

    Had the grievance party in South China Sea been US in the place of China, US would have sent hundreds of drones circling above South China Sea like hungry vultures, shooting at any Vietnam and Philippines thieves in sight. There would not be any nonsensical ‘freedom of passage’. It is hegemony kind of thing.

  • Hiscuss5

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  • chruda

    High ranking military officers tend to be aggressive and overstate in attempts to deter. Similar things were also said by American admirals. But no matter words or actions, the SCS is largely under the Chinese control, and it will be increasingly so in the future.

  • Angel

    Ah you have a MORON & IDIOT Admiral! LMAO

  • minh bui

    I don’t know what is the message you want to convey? I guessed what you wanted to say is the people of Vietnam, Korean and Japan speaking and writing Chines language for a long time then those countries should belong to Chinese. If my guess is correct then you had had a wild dream. In the past few thousand years, the Chinese occupied Vietnam by force for a very long time so the Vietnamese speaking and writing in Chinese is a natural occurrence but we still hold our own culture and language well into this present day. More for your information, about closed to 200 years ago, with a great help from a French Priests name Pigneau de Behaine ( Linh m?c Bá ?a L?c) we created a new writing language base on the Western alphabet to use in the administrative system and got rid of the Chinese language once for all in school and in literature writing. Also, the Vietnamese fought and wont 3 major wars over the Chinese in our history, in which several hundred thousand Chinese soldiers lost their lives but it seems the Chinese did not learn anything from their past. Read a good and true history book mister.

  • Phong Tr?n

    “South China Sea belongs to China as the name implies”. That’s the kind of logic, reasoning, propaganda being spread on the Internet by the maggoty wumaos. This PLAN admiral is on the same level of intelligence as those maggots.

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  • Miguel Chamintes

    If you have studied the history, Vietnam and Korean both speaking Chinese and writing Chinese for quite a long time. At that time, both Vietnam and Korean were treated like Chinese! Japan still use some ot the Chinese characters now a day. Vietnamese changed its writings looked like French (I wonder why).

  • Miguel Chamintes

    Thank you, Admiral, SCS belongs to US! We will take it for sure :-)

  • bossarjay

    So the Indian Ocean belongs to India,Gulf of Mexico to Mexico,etc.How he became admiral with that logic?

  • Lam Nguyen

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  • etot

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