While Attention Has Been On China, EM Latin America Keeps Taking It On The Chin by Eric Bush, Gavekal Capital

EM Latin America stocks are by far the worst performing stocks in the world this year. So even though all eyes are on China at the moment, as Bryce recently pointed out, the Chinese stock market doesn’t matter much for non-Chinese investors. On average, through the end of last week in USD terms, EM Latin America is down 10% YTD. From a regional perspective, the second worst performing region is EM EMEA which is only down 2% this year. All three regions in the developed world are positive YTD, led by DM Pacific which is up a very healthy 9% on average. The best performing regional sector is the health care sector in EM Asia. It is up an impressive 31.6% YTD. The next best performing regional sector is DM Pacific health care.

EM Latin America Performance By Sector

EM Latin America

EM EMEA Performance By Sector


EM Asia Performance By Sector 

EM Asia

DM Pacific Performance By Sector

DM Pacific

DM North America Performance By Sector 

DM North America

DM Europe Performance By Sector

DM Europe