Apple Inc. May Sell In Cuba After U.S. Ends Trade Embargo

The Dept. of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security modified export regulations, prompting Apple to remove Cuba from its restricted country trade list

The Cuban Asset Regulations also received an update from the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury. It includes the authorization for exports and re-exports of items which the BIS allows.

Apple cuba

These changes come months after President Barack Obama announced that the U.S. would ease up on its current stance on trading with Cuba. The rule change means this country will allow consumer electronics to be sold to Cuba’s government and corporations and then to be re-sold to citizens, presenting a huge opportunity for Apple.

Apple jumps into a great opportunity

The National Foreign Trade Council’s vice president, Jake Colvin, feels this change is great news for Cuban policies. He also wonders how the nation’s people will access the U.S marketplace. Miami-based lawyer Augusto Maxwell thinks it is a historical moment because it allows Americans to see Cuba as an economic opportunity.

Cuban businesses that wish to export goods or services to the U.S. will have to give their customers a document as evidence of not having a link to Cuba’s government.

Limited trade approval may have little impact

The U.S. still restricts trade from the following countries: North Korea, Sudan and Syria. Cubans now can export nearly everything, including artwork and graphic design services. A list of approved products still excludes wide categories like food, alcohol, automobiles, minerals, chemicals, textiles and more. Fortunately, there is still a nice range of products to export.

Apple keeps a strong focus on global markets, primarily the market in China. The Cupertino-based tech giant enjoyed a strong amount of success in the United States, but now it’s looking toward global dominance. Access to the Cuban market will bring it one step closer to its overall goals.

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  • mds

    Also realize that Cuba would be a gateway for AAPL going to restricted countries. Alter all they are still a Communist Country; and they do trade with N. Korea.

  • mds

    Great opportunity for Cubans to buy AAPL at home instead of having their relatives ship them from Miami.
    This is no different than I-Phones in China, before they were sold there, via Hong Kong.
    People will get AAPL by many and any means they can regardless of the inconvenience or cost.
    That said…..Cuba Libre !!!!!!!.