• Jim5437532

    Car thieves are afraid to steal Tesla’s, because a car thief was killed by a Teslal when the Tesla crashed, burned, exploded and released toxic fumes.

    Who wants to steal a dangerous lemon?

    Didn’t Tesla previously deny that it had a shutdown feature? Did Tesla lie again?

  • SharkyPR

    Two things
    There is a small amount of them in the road.
    There is no market for thieves right now.

    Once model E/3 comes out and if it sells good thieves will become interested on them.

  • Alan Dean Foster

    As stated, most cars are stolen for parts, not resale. There is no market (yet) for stolen Tesla parts.

  • http://karmamule.wordpress.com Eddie Yasi

    That’s one of the first things that crossed my mind too! The average rate is 3.51 per 1000 according to the article, but I wonder what the average rate is for cars costing $75k or more?

    If it is about the same then that probably isn’t a factor, but if it is much lower than 3.51 then I would think you’re on to something.

  • mr_charlie

    considering the extremely small numbers of Teslas on the road this is no surprise

  • sandy222

    Vikas, proof your work!

    “looking to hire dozens hackers” … of?

  • vperl

    Could be the owners do not leave the vehicle, at the seven eleven with the door open and vehicle operating? The vehicle has built in safe guards auto locking, no fob, no move. List is longer, but your attention span is that of 13 year old child!

  • Brandon

    Or perhaps the owners of Tesla’s generally have high end homes and jobs where their cars are parked in secure garages 90% of the time.

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