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  • the fox

    ” ……the company is desperately promoting the car as much as it can,”

    Desperate? A company that gets free publicity via magazine covers, TV exposure,” as you say. And this is because the news are noteworthy. You just contradicted yourself.

    Tesla will get free news at it paves the way of future car technology.

  • Al Berard

    I cannot believe this writer does NOT know Ford Motor owns the copyright to the Model E , This info has been in many articles the past 2 months. Tesla will be calling the the next model released after next years Model X the Model III .

    That one is due out in 2017 .

  • Mark B. Spiegel

    >> That wouldn’t be a disaster for the company, it’s still supply limited without spending a dime on advertising.<<

    This is a complete myth. Tesla (thanks to Musk and its novel story) probably gets a billion dollars a year worth of free publicity via magazine covers, TV exposure, etc. How additive would a $50 million ad budget be to that? Meanwhile, the company is desperately promoting the car as much as it can; here's a Tweet from yesterday linking to 50 upcoming sales promotion events:

    Tesla Motors




    We've got nearly 50 events coming up, including a couple during the Monterey Car Week:

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