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  • Ali Jawad

    There is one way Apple can beat Netflix, MORE CONTENT, but using http://thevpn.guru/vpn-vs-smart-dns-proxy-unblock-location/ you can get ALL Netflix regions, then there is the issue of device support Apple needs to get on Samsung and LG TVs and the likes

  • haaggus

    I’d put my money on Netflix creating the better product, but the stock is hard to buy right now. I gotta say, House of Cards is the best show being made right now. Netflix original programming is the key because it’s unlike other TV shows. You don’t have to wait a week for a new episode of a Netflix show because the entire season is released at the same time. No commercials either. You can binge-view an entire season, or watch it a half-episode at a time. Netflix is really the ultimate method for delivering content to viewers.

  • Ashh

    Please refer my blog. About a month back I exactly predicted what is happening to Netfix today.

  • JBug

    Disney currently has a love affair with Netflix ala Marvel and probably won’t be ditching them anytime soon regardless of who sits on whatever board.

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