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  • Beck45

    Who takes anything on this trash-site seriously anyway? This useless garbage-article fits in well here. Why ‘valuewalk’ gets the links on google finance, I have no idea.

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/101041881026971694523/posts DAVID HORVATH

    Woah this article is all kinds of crazy wrong….
    The simple truth is when Tesla ships the Model E,
    Gas stations = Block Buster Video.

  • Hoang Tran

    This guy is dumb. Listen to him at your peril. His lack of insight is only overshadowed by his lack of facts. The i3 competes withs vehicles like the nissan leaf and chevy volt. The model x is a all electric suv with 300 miles of range with the top model hitting 60mph in 4.4 seconds. The model e or gen 3 tesla will have 200 mi of range and cost less than 40000. Silly rabbit, investment advice is for grownups.

  • tech01xpert

    Mr. Tilson dug deep and found an article published by Nick James. Could he have found a more sophomoric article written by someone in the automotive press? He writes for the Digital Trends website. Not exactly Car and Driver or Automobile Magazine.

    Mr. James, for some inexplicable reason, chose to compare a base Model S with the 60 kWh battery pack against a base BMW i8 and then argue that the i8 is sportier. However, the base Model S is $64,000 cheaper than the base BMW i8 and the fully optioned Model S Performance Plus 85 kWh (P85+) model is still cheaper than the base BMW i8. Mr. James justifies this comparison by saying that these were both base models. Idiotic or not, you be the judge. The P85+ easily outperforms the i8, even when the i8 is in sport mode with the engine roaring. If the BMW i8 is in pure EV mode, the performance is pitiful, especially in light that it is a $135k sports car.

    Further, the electric range is so short that many people will have to use gasoline as part of their normal commute. The EV range is far shorter than even a Chevy Volt.

    As for the rest, well, it’s mostly subjective. Undoubtedly some people will buy the i8, and some people will buy the i3. However, there is no arguing that the BMW i8 is very similar to the Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid which has not really drawn Model S purchasers away.

  • Leonardo Donelli

    “Google with the same market cap of McDonald’s (a stock I own)?! HA! I believe that it is virtually certain that Google’s stock will be highly disappointing to investors foolish enough to participate in its overhyped offering — you can hold me to that.” this guy, 2004.
    He doesn’t get innovation, that’s all.

  • Joe Viocoe

    Sorry, author loses ALL CREDIBILITY! He really did ZERO RESEARCH if he thinks the Tesla “needs” a special adapter…. but the BMW will not. BOTH will need an EVSE to control power between home wiring and the car. Just because Tesla has the adapter on the outside of the vehicle is not a disadvantage. The 120V plug comes included.
    The Tesla also has 54 120KW superchargers in the U.S. and rising fast. BMW is limited.

    The i8 looks nice, but it will be competing with the late Fisker Karma. Not really a competitor to the Tesla Model S.
    The price is not at all similar, as suggested. Tesla options can nearly double the price over base model. What is the base price for the i8? Nearly double that of the Model S.

    The i3 is a great competitor to the Volt and Leaf. But NO WHERE NEAR the styling or performance of the Model X, and thus, no competitor to Tesla.

  • Arondaniel

    ” And unlike Tesla, it doesn’t need a special charger – just plug it into
    a regular outlet (or ideally a regular 220 outlet) and it fully charges

    The Tesla Model S charger is built into the car, so it only needs a regular outlet. But hey, the i8 has 20 miles of range and only costs 37K more than the top-end Model S, so short away!

  • Julian Cox

    tl;dr – You know Musk is the CEO of Tesla right? That was the guy advertising for ‘shorts wanted’ around the Tesla Q3 earnings call. What do you think he wanted them for?

    Option A. To make them rich at the expense of his shareholders?
    Option B. To squeeze the bejesus out of them (again) to fund his life goals?

  • orbitly

    “while the i3, a great car priced around $43,000 (before incentives), will be a strong competitor to the new Tesla X – and it’s already hitting the market now, more than a year ahead of the X!”

    The i3 is a 4 passenger city car with 80 miles of range. The Tesla Model X is a 7 adult passenger luxury SUV ($70k-$120k) with 240 miles of range and a nationwide supercharging network. Not exactly competitors. That’s like comparing a Chevy Suburban to a Cruze. The only similarity is that they both use lithium ion batteries and AC electric motors.

    “The i8 (which will start being delivered mid-year and, I hear, is sold out for two years) has an electric motor in the front with only 20-22 miles of range – but that’s enough for the great majority of trips for the guys who’ll be buying this car. And unlike Tesla, it doesn’t need a special charger – just plug it into a regular outlet (or ideally a regular 220 outlet) and it fully charges overnight.”

    Ah, you don’t have to only charge a Model S with a supercharger. In fact, that would damage the battery. You charge it at home with a regular 220 outlet. Outright lie.

    “In the back of the i8 is a gas engine which is always on standby so if you hit the accelerator, both motors fire at once, giving the car extra power. It also kicks in to charge the battery. On a full tank of gas, it has a 300 mi. range and is expected to get 90-100 miles per gallon “under normal driving conditions.””

    And yet the i8 is slower than the Model S…. (4.5 vs 4.2 seconds to 60MPH). Model S gets 300 miles of electric range anyway. We don’t need another Fisker Karma. It was a disaster. Combining two drivetrain technologies in one car brings out the negatives of both.

    “1. The i8 is sportier than the Model S

    2. The i8 is better looking than the Model S

    3. The i8 can travel further than the Model S

    4. The i8 is supported by a nation-wide network of dealerships

    5. BMW is cooler than Tesla”

    1. So is a miata. But it’s also slower, less practical and more cramped. They’re not really competing vehicles. The i8 is just a bad buy that a lot of rich people will make because they want a fake sports car (just like the Fisker Karma was).

    2. I disagree. A Lambo may catch eyes, but it sucks for real world use. There’s a reason cars are shaped like they are. I’d agree that a BMW M5, Audi A8, etc are up there with Tesla in looks, but not the i8. It’s too weird.

    3. No it can’t. You said it yourself, it has 20 miles of range vs the Model S that has 300.

    4. That’s a bad thing. Dealerships suck. Tesla has a great network of company owned stores that won’t add to the price of the vehicle or try to scam you.

    5. No. That’s an opinion of oil execs and Clarkson.

    Overall, BMW realizes electric is the future, but is doing their best to make it not practical for full time use. The limited range. The car rental program. The gas generator. These are all clues BMW is wanting to keep the past in the future. Electric is just a better technology overall, and they need to commit.

  • DeeAgeaux

    1) Model S is a luxury sports sedan that seats 5 adults plus 2 kids with optional jumper seats while BWW I8 seats 2 adults plus 2 children.
    2) Model S is quicker than I8
    3) Model S gets 265 miles of EV range while I8 gets 22
    4) Model S is supported by an ever growing network of one time fee fast charging stations powered by sunlight.
    5) Tesla is waay cooler than BMW.
    6) Tesla has no dealers to rip you off.
    7) Tesla has non-commissioned employees at company stores where everyone pays the same price.
    8) Tesla does not use dirty smelly gasoline.
    9) I8 styling screams mid-life crisis, Model S form follows function.
    10) Model S uses the same aluminum, bolts and industrial adhesives as another company where Elon Musk has a very large interest, SpaceX.

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