• Iqbal Sharif Biru

    On the context of-”World Bank Blasts Malaysia’s Education System”,I have gone all through,indeed.And right here based on my skill as well as experience which is effectively contributeable,I am keen tio propose a massive scale ELT on Mass-Communicative English Language Skill Promotion throughout Malaysia for High Schools and Colleges students,a tenure of 60 days crash course program to be groomed and skilled to compete Malaysians in globally standared job market.If the Malaysian Government really feel the importance where I can put forward a formal proposal on the same.I am second to none on this project as because it is highly based on motivational lectures.Please visit me on Google & Yahoo clicking my name ”Iqbal Sharif Biru” as to understand me a bit more.Thanking you all concerned,indeed.

  • Vijay Venga

    Be brave like the Egyptians, the Ukranians and the Syrians. Get rid of the rot. Get rid of the present leaders. Bring in the new leadership. I write from abroad. A victim of the failed Malaysian education system. This rot started in 1972 by Najib’s father Razak. Like father like son. No more hope to study and do well in Malaysia especially if you are non-malay. The malay leaderdhip cannot and will not see this rot. The Malaysian Govt told me I was not good enough to be enrolled at any local university. Now I hold 3 degrees and a professional qualification all from overseas. Im glad I left the rot. I sympathise and feel for you my beloved country. I pray that you will RID THE ROT.

  • Tuesday Wang

    I’ve lost faith in this country ever since I got old and knowledgeable enough to understand the discrimination and corruption that goes on there. And that’s why I’m working and living overseas!

  • William J Pantin

    in the name of God!

  • Charles Ling Jun Shien

    I write this from overseas and have a double degree in Law and Economics. I have just migrated today as I do not feel that the Malaysia I know and love can offer me and my family the future financial and physical security to carry on living there. Nor does the recent Allah issue assure me that Malaysia is truly a free independent modern society where religious freedom is espoused. Unfortunately my kind of people are seen as Chinese living in Malaysia rather than true Malaysians. It is not a matter of how many million you spend on Education, it is whether your people understand why change is necessary, and whether you have the leaders who can effect that change by using those funds EFFECTIVELY. In my one day overseas, I have seen a society that truly embraces multiculturalism and is richer for it. I do not see Malaysia as being a competitive Economy in the long run.

  • citizen with no hope

    Is all political. Has nothing to do with education or any other reasons. Keep the majority (in this case the malays) happy they get more votes. Government is not thinking about the future. They are trying to suck as much as they can out of the country before everything falls.

    Before anyone start saying I am racist, all I am saying is this is just a plot for the government to be in power for as long as they want but what they do not realise (maybe they do) is everyone regardless of race or religion is getting sick of what is going on.

    This will not change. 17 billion allocated to education but less than half or if I am optismistic half of that will be used for education while the rest enters the politicans pockets.

    The government is to be blamed for people to be racist

  • Velankanni Sandanasamy

    We have assholes heading the country. What else to expect. They dont care because they have made their money and their lineage is secured. Do they really give rwo hoots about the rest of us. All their kids are sent abroad for education. Upon returning are given ready business and money to spend lavishly. How are they going to be bothered if the policies they implement do not effect them?

  • Thiru K Thiru K

    40 years of decline in education. The
    government has chosen to ignore this blatant truth. The Minister of
    education has chosen to be the NATIONAL OSTRICH of the nation, buried
    his head away from truth and reality, refuses to change, adamant
    about not reinstating PPSMI and acting deaf and dumb to parental
    requests for English medium schools. Standing firmly with him are his
    two deputies, the entire Ministry of Education, and an entire cabinet.
    Parents of all races have got tired of putting things right. All
    requests and rallies have gone not recognised. Issues have gone out of
    hand with heads of schools hiding English texts with a blanket excuse
    that the Ministry has not supplied them and have also chosen to stop the
    teaching of Science and Maths in English with another tale that they
    have been instructed to by the ministry. Parent Teacher Associations
    have instructions that PPSMI is not to be discussed. Millions of Ringgit
    spent on a so called Blueprint and teachers re-training programmes is
    all for nought. Parents know that the children are pinned with their
    faces to the wall. Parents know about the butchered education. Parents
    are silent for their mouths have been plastered and hands remain tied.
    Why the corridors of Parliament is silent is beyond comprehension.

  • Siv

    >Politicians say “You tak suka you boleh keluar dari Malaysia “(You don’t like things here you can get out of Malaysia)
    >All the brightest minds leave and get pulled by US, Europe and other Asian countries
    >Malaysia left with nothing

    Serves ’em right.

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