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  • Rene Porcile

    Popular daily method of operation (DMO) used by successful HLF distributors to build a customer base:
    – Use, wear, talk
    – Wellness Evaluations/Profiles
    – Tanita Body Composition Analysis
    – Weight Loss Challenges
    – Nutrition Clubs
    – Fit Clubs / Herbalife Active
    – Wellness Centers
    – Level 10 Body Transformation Challenges
    – Wellness Wednesdays
    – Total Plan Presentations

    HLF is all about RESULTS. Millions of results makes HLF a leader in the field of nutrition.

  • tex2

    Just wait a few months, when the changes Herbalife has made start to gain traction. The upper level distributors are now prohibited from making profit from their tool scam, and we know of at least 3 that have quit. Also, Herbalife relabeled the lowest level distributors who haven’t sponsored anybody to be customers, which means they don’t have an business opportunity that incents them to buy the overpriced products. I think Herbalife will implode, by burning away from both ends until there is nothing left in the middle.

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