Ted Cruz:

“You know, I don’t know if I have an answer to that.  We are friends, you know.  We probably vote together a large portion of the time.  Everybody’s different individually, but I think it’s sort of presumptuous of an individual to say, “Oh, well, I’m different in personality.”  And that’s more for someone to judge, rather than me to describe, I think”

Rand Paul On whether there will be another shutdown in January:

“I don’t think so, but I think – what I tell people at home is, there’s a conundrum.  Nobody at home – and I mean nobody – thinks that we should raise the debt ceiling without conditions.  But they also aren’t real excited about going through deadlines.  They’re not excited about shutdowns, either.  It is a conundrum.  But if we do nothing, and the president says he won’t negotiate, he won’t compromise, we just keep adding and adding more debt…There has to be conditions… in 2011, we did a sequester, a small percentage on just the discretionary spending.  Do that on mandatory, and I might retire.  If you put a 1 percent cut in mandatory spending for 10 years.”

On whether he thinks he can get a 1 percent cut in mandatory spending for 10 years passed:

“If you would, I could back to practicing medicine, because you would fix the country.  The largest problem we have is the imbalance of payments.  And it really is why we’re struggling as an economic – as an economy.”


On whether he remembers Sen. Mitch McConnell’s opponent Matt Bevin in his suite during Election Night 2010:

You know, it’s one of those things where you have to testify in court a few years later and you have to swear on a Bible.  I couldn’t swear on a Bible, but I’m also not going to say he wasn’t there.  There’s a very good – if he says he was there, he probably was.  But it was crazy.  It was a really exciting time there.  I won, and there were hundreds of people everywhere, and we were jubilant…so I can’t tell you everybody who was there.  But I can tell you, he was a supporter of mine.  He donated to me, and I met on several occasions.  I think he’s a good man.  And I’m not going to say anything bad about him. I made a decision.  Everybody else has to make their decision.  I’m one vote in Kentucky.  And – but competition’s good.  So I think it makes us all better.


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