The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis reports in its final estimate for the second quarter of 2013 that real gross domestic product increased at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of +2.48%. This is a slight decrease from the previous estimate.

This is, however, an increase from the first quarter’s reading of +1.14% and is the fastest growth has been since the third quarter of 2012.


The seasonally adjusted annual rates of growth by GDP components in Q2 2013 – final estimate:

  • Personal Consumption Expenditures: +1.8% from +2.3% in Q1 2013.
  • Fixed Investment: +6.5% compared to -1.5% in Q1 2013.
  • Exports: +8.0% compared to -1.3% in Q1 2013.
  • Imports: +6.9% compared to +0.6% in Q1 2013.
  • Government Consumption Expenditures: -0.4% compared to -4.2% in Q1 2013.

GDP components are shown by their percentage contribution to total real GDP:

Final Estimate Revises Q2 GDP Down Slightly To 2.48%