Daniel Miller, is a PM at Mario Gabelli’s Gabelli Funds. The topic of Daniel Miller’s presentation is “Investing With Conviction”. Miller is the next speaker up at the 9th Annual Value Investing Congress.

Daniel Miller

Daniel Miller is a Managing Director of GAMCO Investors (NYSE: GBL), a value oriented financial firm with over $40 billion AUM.  Since January 2012, Miller has been the lead portfolio manager of the Gabelli Focus Five Fund, a concentrated value oriented mutual fund.  Miller is also Chairman of Gabelli & Company, the firm’s institutional research business. Check out ValueWalk’s interview with Miller here.

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Daniel Miller live coverage

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This guys is like 32 years old…..

Talking about the concentration of his fund and conviction.  Results for the fund YTD up 18% with 20% in cash!

Just made a joke about Bitcoin….HILARIOUS

(11:13am EST) –3 Ideas

RealD (NYSE:RLD) —mkt cap $330

manufacture a device that creates 3D from 2D.  Sell to movie theaters for free,where in return they get 1o year contract and make $2-3 or so per ticket sold

Trades for 5.5x EBITDA…closest competitor IMAX trades at 12x EBITDA.  Potential buyer could be Dolby (NYSE:DLB)

CEO owns over 10% of shares outstanding

Opportunity to cut costs by 10-15% over next year

Currently buying back stock, bought back 10% recently and still $8M on buyback plan

2014 EBITDA= $60M and apply a 6x multiple he gets a price target of $13

next idea

InterNap (NASDAQ:INAP) –mkt cap $330M —Data centers and IP servers and Cloud

Colocation growing 15% CAGR, Managed Hosting growing 20% CAGR, and cloud growing 35% CAGR

Price target: 2014 EBITDA $63m with 10x multiple gets you to $10.50/share

(11:20am EST)  Next Idea

Guidance (NASDAQ:GUID) –mkt cap $225M —e-discovery software company

founder/CEO owns roughly 35% of company

Guidance S: 2014 EBITDA $14M with 3.5x multiple to get $16/share