Google’s Vic Gundotra has announced some new updates to the company’s Google+ social network. Google has released v4.01 with updated notification features along with other changes that will make it easier for users to delete photos and view +1’s, comments and shares.

Starting today, when you read a notification on one device, that notification will be marked as read on your other devices. This means you won’t get that nagging notification on all of your devices, if you’ve read it on any one device.

You can dismiss a notification with a swipe or a click and that notification will be marked as read everywhere.

Google+ Updates Notifications with Syncing, Adds New Features To App

Apart from that much needed notification feature, Google has added a new bell icon in the Google bar and in the mobile app that lets you know about the notifications. The updated notification also separates unread from previously-read items.

The Google+ for Android is also receiving a few tweaks – you can now delete your photos from the Photos view, tapping into a post shows more details like the number of +1’s, comments and re-shares and lastly, the left menu is designed to be more consistent with other Google apps.

Google says that the company is rolling out the updates ‘gradually’—first on Android, and the web and then on iOS.

The updated Google+ Android app can be downloaded right now from the Play Store.