Phillip Goldstein presenting: “What do you do to maximize shareholder value after the FBI raids your office?” at the 8th Annual Value Investing Congress.

Phillip Goldstein

Phillip Goldstein of Bulldog Investors will be ninth at Value Investing Congress, with his presentation titled: “What do you do to maximize shareholder value after the FBI raids your office?”

Phillip Goldstein co-founded what is now Bulldog Investors, a value oriented group of private investment funds that invest primarily in closed-end funds, small cap operating companies, special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs), and special situations.

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Phillip Goldstein Live Coverage

3:10 PM EST: Philip Goldstein From Bulldog Investments has taken the stage.

3:12 PM EST: Bulldog has grown its assets to $500 million.

3:13 PM EST: Goldstein wants to talk about Imperial Holdings, a south African company that deals in everything from financial services to car rentals.

3:14 PM EST: In September of 2011, Imperial Holdings had its offices raided by the FBI.

3:16 PM EST: Shareholders sued the company after the FBI raid.

3:20 PM EST: Imperial Holdings shares fell sharply, Bulldog bought in at around $160 per share.

3:23 PM EST: Imperial Holdings shares closed today at $5.71, they’re up 28% so far in 2013.

3:24 PM EST: Bulldog started an activist campaign at Imperial Holdings and took seats on the company’s board.

3:30 PM EST: Goldstein is taking questions.

Presentation finished.