James Bond

James Bond is the world’s most revered secret agent. Since the first film in the franchise was released [Dr. No in 1962] 007 has blown-up more buildings, crashed more cars and saved the world more times than we can count. At his disposal are lavishly kitted out supercars and Q-customised gadgets. He has a taste for extravagant beverages such as Champagne and vodka Martinis and is sent on numerous trips to exotic locations. To top if off most of the action such as gun fights and car chases occur while he is wearing an exquisitely tailored Savile Row suit.

Designers at Fancy Dress Costumes have made an interesting infographic that shows that how the taxpayer of the United Kingdom is affected by the James Bond.

The infographic shared below is an American version with numbers in US dollars, however publishers at Fancy Dress Costumes have also designed a UK version which has all figures in GBP – See it here.