I have been receiving numerous emails lately asking me for advice about jobs, valuewalk value investing picturestarting hedge funds, making introductions etc.

I am not advertising any services but need to make this announcement, since I have been getting non stop requests.

With the exception of PR  for small (preferably value) firms, which I have done on several occasions, I am not really interested in other opportunities. However I am willing to help as described lower.

If I know you I am happy to help for free, thats what friends are for. Also if your David Tepper you can feel free to email me anytime. Or if it is some type of mutual relationship, where I get something in return.

I am really busy these days between an 80 hour work week and my two kids and wife.
I love to help people but I can no longer do it for free. My wife also is adamant at this point.
Therefore I am starting consulting on a freelance basis. If I do not know you personally, and you want to setup an appointment to talk let me know and I would be happy to help.
Also as mentioned in the site disclaimer, I am not a registered investment advisor/ lawyer etc.
Any inquires about services or advice can be sent to jacob(at)valuewalk.com
Thank you to all my loyal readers.