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  • jwolinsky

    I agree especially with your last line. Not only does it cause death and large expenses to the healthcare system it is also a national security threat. 130 retired generals, admirals and senior military leaders in calling on Congress to pass new child nutrition legislation. I think it was Mike Mullen or someone else high up in the military who said youth obseity is a national security threat. We used to be a tough nation now we have been dumbed down.

  • http://thedividendpig.com Barry

    I completely agree. I found Any Chua’s article right on the money. What I find even more amusing is how American’s have incorporated this emotional softness to their animals, dogs in particular. Ever see anyone let their dog have it’s way because “they don’t want it to feel hurt?” Come’on! This is why as a nation we are falling behind. We’ve become a bunch of soft, whiney, fat blobs scared to challenge anyone to be better!

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