Why You Should Wait For Apple iPhone 7?

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As Apple continues its preparations for the release of the iPhone 7, many Apple fans are wondering whether or not to upgrade to the next generation smartphone. It is still very early days for the development of the iPhone 7, as both the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have only just been released. But it could still be a valid strategy for many Apple fans to wait for the release of the iPhone 7, so what can we actually expect from this handset?

iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7: Home Button

The first interesting possible aspect of the iPhone 7 is that it may feature no Home button. This has been a commonly suggested trait of future iPhone releases for some time, but it may finally come to fruition with the release of the iPhone 7. Designer Hasan Kaymak put together a concept video suggesting just this recently, and should Apple choose to offer this then a very pleasing edge-to-edge display would be possible.


It is also being commonly suggested that Apple will ensure that the iPhone 7 is significantly waterproof. It is thought that this will offer both convenience to the everyday user of the smartphone, and also possibly offer more health-related functionality. The Apple Watch is to be rebooted in 2016, with the second iteration of the smartwatch, and Apple would love to offer more collaboration between the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch than was possible this year.

Wireless charging

Another possible new element of the iPhone series that could be introduced with the iPhone 7 would be wireless charging. Fans of Samsung devices, not to mention Sony and LG, will be slightly derisive about the fact that Apple is only just introducing this technology. But patent applications  from the US Patent and Trademark Office that have come to light recently suggest that Apple may be willing to incorporate wireless charging into its next generation smartphones.

Apple’s patent for ‘Inductive Power Transfer Using Acoustic or Haptic Devices’ suggests that we will certainly see wireless charging in iPhones sooner rather than later, and iPhone 7 could be a likely candidate for this.

Wraparound screen / curved displays

In September, Apple filed a patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office for what it calls ‘sidewall displays’. Leaked images that accompany the application indicate that the iPhone series could incorporate a screen that stretches right around the device. Apple has already offered an explanation for this as part of the application, pointing out that many mobile devices already feature a similar design.

This could conceivably come to fruition with the iPhone 7, and possibly an even more likely prospect is the inclusion of a curved display. Samsung must be commended for having pioneered this technology in its Galaxy range of products, And it has come to define the smartphone market to a certain extent, despite the enduring popularity of the iPhone series. Many analysts have linked Apple with producing a curved screen variant of the iPhone at some point, and it could be that the iPhone 7 is the first such device.

Intel inside?

Numerous reports have suggested that the next generation Apple iPhones could be powered by Intel chips. Reports from the chip manufacturer suggest that Intel already has a team of 1,000 workers attempting to ensure that Qualcomm no longer remains dominant in the iPhone range. Whether or not this will come to fruition remains to be seen, but certainly there is still some haggling from both companies to take place. But what we can say is that the iPhone 7 should benefit from an improved chipset.

OLED screen

Another new rumor about the iPhone 7 is that it will include an OLED screen. The South Korean tech website ET News states that the company is currently looking to source the screens from rival Samsung, which could be a very interesting development. Samsung’s OLED technology has generally been considered to be a massive selling point for the series, so it would be a great contract for the Korean manufacturer to have, but also something that could negatively impact on its own Galaxy range.

Apple Car

One of the more obscure rumours related to the iPhone 7 is that Apple could provide a preview of the forthcoming Apple Car, and possibly even enable users to purchase one through a specialist app built into the smartphone. Apple CEO Tim Cook has mentioned the Apple Car previously, and reports related to this that suggest that Apple is negotiating to begin testing such a product indicate that an Apple Car could be a prospect in the future.

Delayimg an iPhone purchase in order to benefit from this may seem rather pointless considering that the Apple Car will not emerge until possibly the end of the decade. Recent reports suggest that a 2019 timeframe is likely, but those who are particularly enthusiastic about the prospect of an Apple electric car will be interested to note that the iPhone 7 will tap into any residual hype.

Sapphire screen

Apple has been linked with sapphire glass in its display for quite some time, and it could be that the iPhone 7 will indeed introduce this material for the first time. Investment bank Piper Jaffray has particularly predicted this innovation, and the fact that Apple has already bought up large quantities of Sapphire glass do suggest that the corporation intends to include it in the iPhone range at some point.


Finally, the iPhone 7 is likely to include a faster processor, more RAM than the iPhone 6s, and possibly a significantly improve dual-camera. Although spec improvements are also anticipated.


In conclusion, the iPhone 7 is likely to be a significant departure from the existing iPhone 6s. This will provide purchasers of Apple products with a dilemma, as the next generation smartphone will seemingly be a significant step forward over the already available handset. It seems reasonable to assert for consumers that have already locked themselves into a two-year deal that it is worth waiting for the iPhone 7. Having said that, it should also be considered that a price increase is certainly possible in the next iPhone generation.

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