Watch Hulu, Netflix And Pandora From Outside The US With Media Hint

Watch Hulu, Netflix And Pandora From Outside The US With Media Hint

The problem that many people face around the globe is that they are not able to access and watch Hulu, Netflix and Pandora if they are living outisde U.S. One solution to this is to connect to a proxy or get a VPN that has servers located in the U.S. This way, you can fool all these three sites into thinking that you are located in the U.S.

Although these methods work great, users are always looking for more simpler and easier way to access these three sites/services. In this post you will learn how to watch Hulu, Netflix and listen to Pandora from any country and the best part is that you don’t need to change your DNS nor do you need to connect to any VPN service.

Media Hint is yet another way that allows you to access Hulu, Netflix and Pandora outside U.S. This is an extension for Firefox and Chrome and all you need to do is install it and you are good to go. There is no need to configure anything.

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Open the home page of Media Hint and click on the “Start Using” button. Next, you will need to download the extension and install it.

Watch Hulu, Netflix And Pandora From Outside The US With Media Hint

After the extension is installed, you can instantly start watching your favorite show on Hulu or Netflix and you won’t see the country restriction banner anymore.

If you are wondering how this extension works, it uses a proxy when Hulu or Netflix is determining your location and once the video or song starts, this extension switches to a direct connection. The plus point of this method is that your speed won’t be affected and you will be able to browse with the actual speed.

I am from India and I have personally tested it and it works great.

So go ahead, and use this method to enjoy your favorite shows. But will the engineers at Hulu and Netflix fix this at their end? I don’t know but ’til then, try out this method.

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