Voicemy.ai Transforms Celebrities Into Hilarious Singers

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Paris, France, September 5th, 2023, Chainwire

AI platform transforms celebrities into unexpected singing sensations.

Voicemy.ai, a musical platform powered by AI, has unveiled its solution for making celebrities sing. It enables anyone to hear stars of the past and present singing their favorite songs on demand.

Singers, athletes, and politicians are all represented on Voicemy.ai, which allows the public to appreciate AI Kevin de Bruyne’s unexpected vocal prowess, AI Kylian Mbappe’s rendition of ‘Here Comes the Money,’ and AI Cristiano Ronaldo hitting the high notes. Voicemy.ai enables users to unleash their inner superstar as they can collaborate with iconic artists, pushing the boundaries of musical creativity.

Through harnessing artificial intelligence, Voicemy.ai allows anyone to craft harmonies with AI Beyoncé, AI Drake, or share a virtual stage with the legendary AI Michael Jackson. The platform has also introduced a FaceSwap Video feature. It allows users to replace faces in videos with a comical twist. They can watch their favorite celebrities sing with the most unexpected faces, adding a new level of entertainment to their AI-powered adventures.

In less than one month since its launch, almost 260,000 voices have been cloned on Voicemy.ai, giving birth to a new era of musical experimentation. Enthusiastic users have completed over 6,000 training sessions, refining and perfecting their AI-created voices. More than 45,000 text-to-voice conversions have taken place, showcasing the limitless possibilities of Voicemy.ai.

Voicemy.ai aims to become the preeminent platform in bringing AI to the masses. The company is committed to narrowing the chasm between complex AI technologies and the general public. Voicemy.ai offers intuitive AI tools for creators, including voice cloning with voices from their diverse community library, dynamic text-to-speech transformations, training tools to personalize voice models, and direct uploading and usage of models on their platform.

The company fosters a thriving community where users can train, upload, and rank models and be recognized for their exceptional contributions. Zakaria Laabid, CEO of Voicemy.ai, says: “We’re not just changing the game: we’re rewriting the rules. Voicemy.ai is all about making AI accessible, creative, and side-splittingly funny. We’re exploring the limits of AI with voice cloning, and the results are fantastic.”

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About Voicemy.ai

Voicemy.ai is a French startup exploring AI’s limits with voice cloning. It is committed to making AI accessible, creative, and entertaining for everyone. The platform empowers users to unleash their creativity and redefine the boundaries of art and technology.

For more information, please visit https://voicemy.ai 



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