Unlock SIM on Galaxy S III (i9300) By Installing This App

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Galaxy SIII is Samung’s flagship phone and has got very good reviews from technology blogs. If you’ve purchased Galaxy S III from a carrier, than in most cases, those network providers SIM lock the device which means that you’re stuck with that particular carrier.

What to do when you want to switch to another carrier? You may try calling up your current carrier and ask them to unlock the device, but the answer is most probably negative. So now your new shiny device seems to be a burden because there’s no freedom in switching to another carrier.

Unlock SIM on Galaxy S III (i9300) By Installing This App

Things get worse when a regular user wants to unlock the SIM, but he/she has no knowledge of this complicated unlocking process. You may try searching, turn to expert modders and developers that have unlocked their device but the process is really complicated for a normal user, who’s not much tech savvy.

If you have Galaxy SIII (i9300) device, then you’re lucky today. Thanks to these smart developers, now you can easily unlock the device by simply installing an .apk file from the Google Play Store. The best part is that this is a free app and also very simple to use.

The first requirement of this process is that you need to have a rooted device to use app. Please proceed forward ONLY if you have your device rooted.

According to the developer, crucial data is backed-up before any operation but automatic restoration is not yet available inside the app.

This application is an implementation of the work of genius minds from XDA Developers forum. Unlock is immediate and doesn’t even require a reboot. Also this app doesn’t work on non-I9300 variants of Galaxy S III.

Hit the below link, install the Voodoo Galaxy S III SIM Unlock app from Google Play and unlock your device within a few minutes.

NOTE: Your phone should be rooted and should be based on I9300 model only, else this app won’t work.

Download and Install Voodoo GALAXY S III SIM Unlock

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