Longleaf Partners Funds Annual Shareholder Meeting: Transcript, Video

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The Longleaf Partners Funds are pleased to make excerpts from their April 16, 2013 Annual Presentation available to all shareholders online via MP3 audio format. The value oriented fund has broken the meeting into sections so that you may choose which aspects you want to listen to.

Longleaf Partners Funds

Longleaf Partners Funds Transcript

The Longleaf Partners Funds transcript can be viewed below in scribd, all the audio can be found below (Comments regarding Dell have been redacted.)

2013 Annual Meeting – Transcript Longleaf Partners Funds Mason Hawkins

Longleaf Partners Funds audio here http://www.longleafpartners.com/commentary_news/audio

  • Agenda
  • Fund performance


Slide Presentation Lee Harper 4:10
Importance of good partners
  • Investment approach
  • The Outsiders


Slide Presentation Mason Hawkins 9:48
When partners disappoint vs. most who don’t
  • Dell
  • Activism: Exception not the rule
  • Good partners
    • FedEx
    • Direct TV
    • Loews


Slide Presentation Staley Cates 10:27
Good partners – Good investments: Asia
  • Good partners in Asia
  • Asian gaming market
    • Genting
    • Melco


Slide Presentation Ken Siazon 10:23
Good partners – Good investments: Europe
  • Good partners in Europe
  • Phillips


Scott Cobb 6:04
Q & A: Investment Team
  • Can you tell us more about a new holding, Murphy Oil?


Ross Glotzbach 1:40
Q & A: Investment Team
  • Has focus on people changed since Chesapeake and Dell?


Mason Hawkins 2:05
Q & A: Investment Team
  • Position on cement and aggregates now?


Lowry Howell 3:48
Q & A: Investment Team
  • What happens next with Chesapeake?


Ross Glotzbach, Mason Hawkins 2:36
Q & A: Investment Team
  • Can you talk more about your new holding, Fiat Industrial?


Manish Sharma 3:11
Q & A: Investment Team
  • Do you like Level(3)’s new CEO?


Staley Cates, Mason Hawkins 3:12

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