Sony: PS4 Hard Drive Can Be Replaced By The User

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As we know, PlayStation 4 ships with a 500GB hard drive, but the good news for those who want to make their hard drive ‘bigger’ is that one can easily replace the hard drive in the PS4.

Gamers Can Swap Out The Hard Drive In The New PS4: Sony

Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) (TYO:6758) told Polygon that gamers can swap out the hard drive in the new PS4, just as they could on a PS3. For good, Sony is going to continue with this trend with the upcoming gaming console.

Sony: PS4 Hard Drive Can Be Replaced By The User

Sony Will Allow Gamers To Store All Their Digital Content

The PlayStation 4 will sport a 2.5-inch hard drive, the same drives that current generation laptops normally use. This will enable the user to easily find a new hard drive of larger capacity and swap it with their current hard drive. By allowing users to replace their hard drive, Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) (TYO:6758) will allow gamers to store all their digital content in their gaming consoles. A user can easily store many Full HD videos, games, and other files with larger capacity drives like 1TB.

Gamers can also swap their old hard drives with new solid state drives (SSD’s) for much faster performance. The increase in speed can be easily noted in computers, and it should be the same case in PS4 too.

Talking about Microsoft’s Xbox One, gamers can replace the hard drive but users have to use Microsoft’s proprietary hard drives in the console. This means that they’ll need to buy the hard drive from Microsoft, and those who want more storage space would need to wait for Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) to release a larger capacity hard drive.

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Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) (TYO:6758)’s user-replaceable drive means in case of hard drive failure, the user can just insert any 2.5-inch hard drive and get his/her gaming console running in no time. Such is not the case with Microsoft’s offering.

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