Sony PlayStation 4 Reported To Come Before Next Microsoft Xbox

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Sony PlayStation 4 Reported To Come Before Next Microsoft Xbox

Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) was defeated in the current generation of consoles on sales and on service by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) second Xbox, the Xbox 360. Though there were many factors that came into play, the expense of the playstation’s Bluray player being one, the early release of the Xbox certainly had a lot to do with Sony’s fall from grace as the king of the console world. That may change with the next generation of consoles as Sony gears up to offer its next platform before Microsoft manages to get its out. The boredom with current generations of consoles can be seen with each, we’re now in the seventh generation, as the next console usually picks up quickly among developers and consumers.

Sony’s next console, codenamed project Orbis at Sony, will be released before the Xbox 720 according to a source. The source is anonymous and comes from the gaming site The release will apparently happen bfor the holiday season of 2013, which if true could mean a big boost for Sony’s sales. The company is also said to have invited developers to a reveal of the console in the coming Summer so they can begin work on release titles for the console. If Sony do manage to get the jump on Microsoft and have the necessary hardware and developers behind their project they have a good chance of making th Playstation 4 the biggest name in console gaming, a title they haven’t held since their almost divine market share with the PS2.

There hasn’t been a big console release since the Palystation 3 in 2007 and though Nintendo’s new offering the Wii U is slated to arrive before Christmas 2012 it’s reveal at E3 last year was not welcomed with open critical arms. Nintendo is sure to be the firs to release but whether or not their console is competing for the same market as Microsoft and Sony is up for debate. The original Wii was aimed at a more casual gaming audience and was not seen as a real contender for the throne. Both companies will at least address their consoles at E3 this year and from that point forward developers will be working on titles and fans of the consoles will be writing endlessly about the possibilities. If anybody thought the iPhone versus Android debate of the last few years was heated you haven’t seen anything yet.

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