Snapchat Sound Lens Reacts To Changes In Volume

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The first Snapchat sound lens has made its debut, and it marks continued advancements in the app’s camera technology.

The Snapchat sound lens is an animal mask with ears that pulse and shine alongside eyes that move depending on the sound that your phone’s microphone is exposed to. This represents the first of its kind in the app, and is sure to bring out the creativity in users as they experiment with a brand new type of lens.

The Snapchat sound lens was launched Tuesday, May 29th, and the company is planning to release more of the same kind in the coming weeks.

While the Snapchat sound lens does make a unique addition to the app’s lineup, it will be interesting to see how and if advertisers take advantage of this new technology in order to make their mark on the growing Snapchat user base.

While the app is one of the biggest social networks in the world, it has struggled to monetize in the same way that companies like Facebook and Instagram have. Part of their attempts to bring in more cash has included company-sponsored lenses (which have generally been received positively) and a new UI redesign (a decision which was near-universally panned).

It’s clear that the company is still trying to find its footing and figure out a way to start being more profitable. The company has attracted a significant amount of attention from those hoping to capitalize on the company’s potential, but it remains to be seen whether the platform can be utilized in a way that makes it attractive for advertising in addition to making funny noises and videos with utilities like the Snapchat sound lens.

Another recent change in addition to the Snapchat sound lens comes in the form of six-second, unskippable ads – known as Snapchat Commercials – within their Snapchat Shows. As a platform that caters primarily to young people, they are going to face an uphill battle when it comes to advertising. Choices like fun filters that also advertise a business are probably the way to go in an environment that seems more focused on blocking ads than engaging with businesses.

Snapchat made waves when it first launched due to the innovative combination of fun filters and seamless social networking that made it a hit among a crowd that was getting tired of Facebook. Today, it’s the social network of choice for young users and the new Snapchat sound lens should give them one more reason to stick around – and perhaps to engage more with advertisements and monetization that the platform so desperately needs.

Snapchat’s monetization issues aside, we’re excited for all the fun we’ll have with these filters in the coming months. The company continues to surprise us with fun new additions, and these should definitely be no exception.

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