Send Unlimited Photos, Videos and Other Kind of Files With Kicksend

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In this age of cloud storage, sharing and sending files is a piece of cake. Sending, uploading or storing files has become as easy as copying a file, thanks to various cloud storages such as Dropbox, Sugar Sync, Google Drive and more. But now we have yet another easy to use solution named as Kicksend which helps in sending photos and videos privately to your friends and family.

If you are wondering why should you use Kicksend, then this service has got its own advantages. One of the biggest advantages is that Kicksend has no photo size or resolution restrictions. You can send unlimited number of photos, with full quality. But that’s not all, you can also send videos, and other kinds of files to anyone – family, friends, groups or anyone with an email address.

How Kicksend Works

The first thing that you’ll need to do is to sign-up. You can sign-up with Facebook or by entering an email address.

Once the sign-up process is complete, you can start sending files. Click on the big “Send Files” button to start sending.

Send Unlimited Photos, Videos and Other Kind of Files With Kicksend

Select your file by clicking on “Select” button, type in email address to whom you wish to send this file and finally include a short note for the recipient.

When you send a photo, the recipient will get an email informing him/her about the photo and a preview will also be shown. Click on the “Click to view” button to view and download the photo. If the recipient is also signed-up with Kicksend, then they can leave a comment on the photo. But the recipient doesn’t needs to be signed-up to view and download the photo.

The “Lists” section allows you to create list of people. It is like a group of related people, let’s say friends, family, colleagues, etc. Create a list once by entering email addresses of all the people that you want to add and then send photos to that list, which means you are sending photos to all people in that list. This is really a cool feature of Kicksend which allows easy sharing of photos in one go and without much effort.

Kicksend mobile apps are also available for those on the go. You can download the app from Apple App Store or from Google Play. Kicksend desktop app is also available for Windows and Mac.

Kicksend iPhone app allows you to print photos directly to your local Walgreens store. Photos can then be picked up within an hour.

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