SemiRestore Updated to SemiRestore Lite: Now Compatible With iOS 10.2

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Good news, if you’re a jailbreak user who is running iOS 10.2. The popular jailbreak package that is SemiRestore has been updated to include support for 10.2 devices. Meaning, that you too can now benefit from the ability to place your device back into an almost-stock like state. Obviously, without actually removing your jailbreak that is, here’s what you need to know.

SemiRestore to SemiRestore Lite

Now, if you’re new to jailbreaking, you’ve probably not heard of this useful tool. The easiest way of describing its function is to, imagine it’s similar to rolling back a Windows OS PC installation. It takes your iPhone or iPad back to a place when your jailbreak was new.

As for what it does when activated, it will remove any tweaks you have, as well as extensions, and packages. You can see why we used the above analogy; it’s similar in nature. The developer of SemiRestore has worked hard to make sure not one single file is placed back how Apple originally intended it to be. Making sure that your useful shackle removing jailbreak is there and ready for continued use.

However, if at this point if you’re thinking “Why not just use Cydia Eraser?” That’s a good point, but there are differences between the two packages, as explained below.

SemiRestore or Cydia Eraser

Created by Jay Freeman, Cydia Eraser, once known as Cydia Impactor does pretty much the same thing as SemiRestore. However, there is one key difference, and that’s Cydia completely removes the jailbreak from a device. Which ultimately means, iOS becomes restored to its original locked down functionality, with no tweaks, packages or other goodies.

Compared to SemiRestore, it’s not an option worth trying if preserving your freedom from Apple’s shackles is important. In fact, it is for the above reason that SemiRestore is and now SemiRestore Lite will be the most attractive option.

What’s Changed in SemiRestore Lite?

If you’re wondering what’s the difference between the previous and the latest incarnation of this package, it’s not just the name. In fact, unlike the earlier version SemiRestore Lite, short for SemiRestore10 Lite is downloadable to an iPhone or iPad. Meaning no computer is required, and tweaks and other jailbreaking goodies delete from the source.

Previously, the tool was used on a Windows PC or Mac, now, however, it is much more flexible, you can get it via this download link. Once you have it, you will need a file explorer, iFile is a good example. You will need it or something like it to transfer SemiRestore Lite to the /usr/bin followed by settings the required privileges.

While there are some advantages, to being able to use this updated package on your device, it’s not all rosy. The file transferring is a drawback, so much so, that if you’re not so technically minded, mistakes could occur. However, the developer of the package has confirmed it’s looking into creating a non-lite version that could remove these drawbacks. That is it will develop such an update if user responses warrant such a thing. In the meantime, you don’t have to use this new version if you don’t want to.

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