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Samsung Galaxy S9 Software Available For Trial In Beta Form

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are set to be revealed next year, and early anticipants are expecting the handsets to be two of the fastest and most advanced phones ever. Samsung are also positioned comfortably with Qualcomm (who are renowned for manufacturing chips), and this legal relationship will protect Samsung from competing smartphones.

Specifically, the Galaxy S9 software will be complemented by the new SnapDragon 845 processor, which is likely to deliver performance gains of up to 25%. Qualcomm will set the benchmark for smartphones yet again, but the capabilities of the 845 will not be available to everyone for the first half of next year. Initially, the Galaxy S9 will be the only handset to capitalize on the new technology, marking a period of exclusivity for the Galaxy S9 software.

This notion is set to enhance Galaxy S9 sales considerably, where consumers will be eager to get their hands on the latest and greatest technology. Until other manufacturers incorporate the technology, Samsung will be positioned to create a monopoly which will boost the reputation of their company tenfold. It would appear as if there are exciting times ahead for Samsung.

The new chip will please technology enthusiasts no end, but is likely to only positively impact those who demand top performance from their phone. If you’re after the SnapDragon 845 and are an Apple user, you’ll be faced with the decision of switching handsets to capitalize on the Samsung Galaxy S9 software, or waiting six months for competing handsets to pick up the chipset.

The SnapDragon 845 will be revealed by Samsung in December 2017, where consumers will be given an opportunity to assess the features and functionality, and learn how it is likely to enhance the Galaxy S9 software. With the Galaxy S9 set for a February 2018 release, the anticipation is slowly being built by Samsung in preparation for the big day.

Recently, users of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus were given an opportunity to sample the new Galaxy S9 software. They were given preference over other Samsung users because they are arguably the intended target audience. This works under the assumption that those with a Samsung S8 are currently most up to date with the new technology, and are therefore likely to upgrade when the Galaxy S9 is made available for public consumption.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 software will be widely available on their new flagship product, and is built on Android Oreo UI and UX. Though the Samsung Experience 9.0 beta is being designed for the new model, current Samsung users are being given an opportunity to sample the update from November 2nd onward. The Samsung Experience version 8.5 (released with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8) was released with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and though the new Galaxy S9 beta program is just a small step up, it is a significant one. The update focuses on Samsung’s unique services, which have been developed and nurtured over some years.

Though no one knows exactly what the new beta version of the Samsung Galaxy S9 software will offer, the likelihood is it will facilitate the unique features of Samsung apps, significantly boosting functionality and performance. The beta release is geared for the Samsung Galaxy S9 release, where Samsung’s focus is to roll out the beta version early so that they can make modifications to the Galaxy S9 software, in preparation for the big release date next year.

The preview software will be available to users in the United States, South Korea, and the UK, and to gain first access to the software you must be a Samsung S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus user, and additionally ensure you’re signed up for a Samsung Account. Samsung have recently announced users must ‘meet certain requirements’ to sample the beta program, though these are easily met providing you’re a Samsung member.

Some anticipate the Galaxy beta program will be rolled out via the Samsung Members app, available in the Galaxy Apps app store or the Google Play app store. Here there is a sign-up sheet for beta, where you the consumer has a great opportunity to sample the Samsung Galaxy S9 software.

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