Samsung Galaxy S5 Sales Beat Galaxy S4 On Opening Weekend

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Samsung, just like any other company, won’t miss a chance to brag about its accomplishments. This time, the company has said that the Galaxy S5 sold better than the Galaxy S4 did during its opening weekend last year. This is a common practice among mobile manufacturers to let the world know how well their device is selling. The company, however, didn’t reveal any specific numbers.

Just like iPhone, people stand in line to get the Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S5 was launched globally on April 11, across more than 100 countries. To grab this latest flagship device, many people waited in lines, the company said in a press release. These lines might not be as big as for the iPhone, but still Samsung has managed to attract its own fanbase over the years.

Samsung has said that there’s a huge demand for the Galaxy S5 in countries like France, Saudi Arabia, and India, and even in the Middle Eastern countries because the phone is resistant to sand, dust and water. Because of these features, it won’t be a surprise if Samsung manages to sell this phone better than the Galaxy S4.

In the US, the Galaxy S5 has been launched on all four major carriers, but there aren’t any reports of such massive lines that Apple sees during the launch of a new iPhone model.

The Galaxy S5 has overall received good reviews, all thanks to its large 5.1-inch screen, excellent camera and powerful specs. However, it’s worth seeing whether Galaxy S4 owners will opt for the Galaxy S5 or not. In fact, you would also like to read whether you should upgrade from Galaxy S4 to Galaxy S5. The HTC One M8 has also been released which can give tough competition to the Galaxy S5.

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