Samsung Galaxy S5 Eye Scan vs. iPhone 6 Touch ID

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) put a fingerprint sensor in its latest iPhone. The addition was the biggest new feature added to the smart phone, and it’s been a popular topic of conversation in the weeks since the release. The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be released in the coming months, and Samsung will need something to compete with Touch ID. According to a new report, it’s got something up its sleeve.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Eye Scan vs. iPhone 6 Touch ID

HTC slapped a fingerprint sensor onto its new phablet the HTC One Max. The feature is, by all accounts, awfully implemented. It simply doesn’t work and it’s in an incredibly awkward position. Samsung will solve those problems with the Galaxy S5. The firm is saying goodbye to fingerprints and introducing eye scanning technology.

Samsung Galaxy S5 eye scanner

The eye scanner will apparently allow users to lock and unlock their phones by staring at them. Older Samsung Galaxy phones allowed users to unlock their device using facial recognition, but the process was less than smooth. There is very little out there about the scanner, but given Samsung’s history with gimmicks, the Galaxy S5 will likely have a large amount of useless features.

Samsung is right in realizing that people interact with their phone using their eyes. The company has been pushing concepts based on that single idea for a while now, and it has not taken off. The Galaxy S4 had eye scrolling built in, but it appears few people used it after the first hour.

Samsung is making attempts at innovation. That’s good. Samsung is making Samsung attempts at innovation. That’s bad. The firm is reportedly moving up the release date of the Galaxy S5 to January in order to compete with the iPhone 5s. That means the eye scanning unlock feature will likely be pretty buggy and unusable at launch.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 6

The iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner has had some initial bugs, but Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is sorting them out. By the time the iPhone 6 is released, the company will have a pretty perfect form of the technology inside. The Galaxy S5 eye scanner will be first generation, and it will be first generation Samsung.

The Galaxy Gear is the perfect example of what can happen to Samsung if it rushes development. On security features the iPhone 6 will beat the Galaxy S5. There is little competition.

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