Samsung Galaxy S11 release date, specs, features and rumors

Now that the Note 10 is a couple of months old, rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S11 are starting to pick up. Here’s everything we know so far about Samsung’s next flagship handset.

Samsung Galaxy S11

krapalm / Pixabay

Samsung Galaxy S11 release date

The first rumor comes to us by way of SamMobile, which reports that the reveal date for the handset could be on Feb. 18. That would mean that once again, Samsung is not planning an event for the Mobile World Congress, although it has launched previous Galaxy S models at the annual conference in the past. The MWC kicks off on the Sunday following the Tuesday reveal.

SamMobile cites an unnamed source for the Feb. 18 launch event date but adds that it is “not confident in the source of this information to put our weight behind the date provided.” The tech site also said it expects the event to be held some time in the third week of February in San Francisco. Of course, February is still months away, so even if this is the plan now, it could change before then.


As far as the design of the Samsung Galaxy S11 goes, Phone Arena offered a long list of what it expects. However, it seems like this list is 100% pure speculation with no secret sources to speak off. Nonetheless, Samsung fans will be excited to see these suggestions.

We have heard that Samsung is working on an in-display selfie camera, but Phone Arena reports that it won’t be ready for the Galaxy S11. However, the tech blog does speculate that the Samsung Galaxy S11 could feature a spectrometer, which analyzes chemical compositions using infrared light. It could be useful for those who are trying to track what they eat or take better care of their skin.

One trend that’s been going on for years is thinner and thinner bezels, and it seems like a safe bet that the Galaxy S11 will sport even thinner bezels than its predecessor. Rumors have suggested that the edges of the S11 could be curved even more than those on the S10 were, which could contribute to thinning out the bezels. The device is expected to feature an Infinity O display with an even smaller hole-punch, meaning a smaller opening for the selfie camera.


This next rumor comes via a patent application, so there’s no way of knowing whether this technology will actually make it into the Samsung Galaxy S11 — or any other handset, for that matter. Forbes highlighted a patent entitled “Electronic device comprising fingerprint sensor and method of operating thereof, which was published in South Korea.

The technology described in the patent combines two different methods of authentication to unlock a device. The patent explains how the user’s fingerprint could be read and while they are entering a PIN code, which could be a sort of two-factor authentication. Reading a fingerprint while a passcode is being entered sounds easier said than done though, so it could be a while before this technology is ready for use in a smartphone.

There are a few different ways such technology could be implicated. For example, the device maker could simply use a bigger fingerprint sensor that can scan a fingerprint in multiple areas of the screen. Another option would be to include multiple sensors, although that seems a bit too complex. Another possibility is to shuffle numbers on top of the fingerprint sensor so that the numbers could be pressed only on top of the fingerprint reader.

Other Samsung Galaxy S11 rumors

SamMobile also reported that the Galaxy S11 will ship with One UI 2.1 and possibly come with up to 1 TB of built-in storage. It’s expected that the S11 will also get ultra-fast UFS 3.0 storage, which is what the Note 10 has. The tech site reported that the model with the name SM-G981 will come in 128 GB and 512 GB options, while the model SM-G986 will be offered in 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB storage options. The model SM-G988 will supposedly get 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB storage options.

We’ve also heard that the Samsung Galaxy S11 could get a pretty impressive camera with 5x zoom and a 108-megapixel lens. Another patent suggested that the phone could sport an unusual design with a slider, while another rumor suggests there might not even be a Galaxy S11 next year and that it could be combined with the Note 11 in a merger of the two smartphone series.