Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs Revealed By Twitter Leaker

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With the Galaxy S8 having been available for some time, Samsung has already firmly switched its attention to the forthcoming Galaxy Note 8. This is undoubtedly a hugely significant device for the Korean corporation after the disaster of the exploding Galaxy Note 7. Thus, Samsung will be required to demonstrate that the Galaxy Note 8 is not only an exciting smartphone, but also a reliable and durable release.

Rumors are already swirling around regarding this smartphone, but the latest leak on the matter is an excellent indication on how the Galaxy Note 8 may turn out. The increasingly prominent Twitter leaker Poyoco Tech has provided what are purported to be specifications for this forthcoming phablet.

Galaxy Note 8 Specs


Poyoco Tech firstly indicates that the Galaxy Note 8 will benefit from a 6.3-inch Infinity display. This size of screen now seems to be fairly settled, with numerous media outlets having reported this as being the likely display dimension for the Galaxy Note 8.

It also seems extremely likely, if not inevitable, that the Galaxy Note 8 will feature a similar wraparound display as was included in the Galaxy S8. We can probably expect the Infinity display to be a fixture in Samsung releases from now on.

There is no news on the specific resolution of the screen in the Galaxy Note 8 in this particular leak, but it will either be identical to that of the Galaxy S8, or possibly upgraded slightly to 4K resolution.


The Twitter leaker also believes that Samsung will include a dual-camera in the Galaxy Note 8, with the general consensus of opinion being that this will appear on the rear of the device in a vertical alignment. This will probably be the most popular aspect of the mobile if it indeed comes to fruition.

It has been hoped for some time that Samsung would eventually include a dual-camera in its flagship phablet, and this should enable the low-light shooting capabilities of the phone to be significantly improved. Although smartphone photography has become rather sophisticated, the ability of mobiles to shoot decent pictures in darker conditions remains a bugbear of the niche.


Poyoco Tech suggests that the Galaxy Note 8 will benefit from 64 and 128GB versions. It would seem to be a sensible move for Samsung to offer consumers some choice, after the Galaxy Note 7 delivered a solitary 64GB model.

Although the Galaxy Note 8 is likely to offer a micro SD card slot, meaning that the storage can be upgraded flexibly, not all consumers wish to shell out for additional peripherals. So the creation of a premium model makes sense for this device range, and we can only hope that this is delivered when the Galaxy Note 8 is released.


The leaker also suggests that the Galaxy Note 8 will feature a whopping 6GB of RAM memory. This quantity had been strongly linked with the Galaxy S8 previously, but Samsung opted against this move, instead freezing the memory in its flagship smartphone at 4GB.

So, again, this is another aspect of the device that would make sense for the phablet, with Samsung under pressure to significantly distinguish the Galaxy Note range from its Galaxy S series.

Operating system

Poyoco Tech also suggests that the next generation phablet will benefit from an Android 7.1 release, with the Samsung Experience user interface also included from day one. This latter aspect of the phablet is an updated version of the TouchWiz software which had been prominent previously. There is nothing too surprising about this prediction, and it seems highly likely to indeed appear in the final version of the Galaxy Note 8.

Wireless charging

The leak also suggests that the Galaxy Note 8 will benefit from fast and wireless charging, with this aspect of the smartphone marketplace likely to be a significant battleground in 2017. Samsung’s great rival Apple is also expected to include a revolutionary wireless charging system in the forthcoming iPhone 8, and the two companies will be attempting to outdo one another in this area.

While the Korean corporation has certainly benefited from including this technology in the Galaxy range before Apple, it is also clear that the Californian company intends to seriously rival the Galaxy series with its own unique system which can be charged at an unlikely 15 feet. In short, Samsung had better have something impressive in store with the Galaxy Note 8 if it is to remain ahead of the competition.

Improved S Pen

Poyoco Tech also indicates that Samsung will be improving the S Pen stylus that has become a fixture of the Galaxy Note series over the last few years. Although no specific details are given regarding what these improvements may be, the peripheral has already been linked with vibration qualities and a built-in speaker system. Either or both of these innovations could be included, and this would seem to be logical as the S Pen is an element of the Galaxy Note 8 which really makes it stand apart from the Galaxy S8 smartphone.

Bixby support

Bixby support will also be migrated across to the Galaxy Note 8 according to Poyoco Tech, with the next generation phablet benefiting from the AI assistant that was introduced in the Galaxy S8 generation. Samsung should have the time to make improvements to Bixby ahead of this release, meaning that the gap to the well-established Siri could be closed.


Finally, the leak also noted that Samsung will include a Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895 in the Galaxy Note 8. American consumers should expect the Snapdragon version to appear in the United States. Additionally, the significantly improved 10nm FinFET LPP architecture will be included, resulting in performance improvement.

The Galaxy Note 8 is certainly beginning to take shape, and it promises to be one of the most intriguing releases of the mobile year later in 2017.

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