Galaxy Note 8 Rumors Roundup: Everything You Need To Know

Galaxy Note 8 Rumors Roundup: Everything You Need To Know
Image Credit: Ivo Maric / Concept Creator / YouTube video (screenshot)

Ahead of the release of the Samsung phablet, here is a Galaxy Note 8 rumors roundup of all the latest news on this handset.

Leaked image

Firstly, a particularly clear picture of the Galaxy Note 8 has been leaked ahead of the launch of the device. Technology tipster @evleaks has provided the image in question, which depicts the Galaxy Note 8 in a color scheme that has been described as a deep sea blue. It is also generally believed that the Note 8 will also be made available in black, grey and gold variants.

Reports have generally suggested that the Galaxy Note 8 will strongly resemble both the Galaxy S8 and and Galaxy S8 Plus. This will mean that the wraparound display from those devices migrates to what will become the flagship phablet from the Korean corporation.

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Home button gone!

A perusal of the Galaxy Note 8 rumors roundup indicates that Samsung has finally decided to remove the physical Home button from its smartphone, extending the screen so that it covers the majority of the front panel. This will result in extremely slim bezels if it is indeed the case, which is certainly becoming a zeitgeist in the technology and smartphone industry.

Not only have numerous smartphones been released with extremely slim bezels, but Samsung has also produced television sets with particularly minimal outer borders.

Ahead of the Galaxy Note 8 Unpacked event in New York, it has also been rumored that the phablet will benefit from a large 6.3-inch display. The S Pen stylus will seemingly play a major role in the Galaxy Note 8 generation, with the device intended to ensure that users can utilize the handset more easily.

Advanced S Pen

S Pen stylus rumors have also focused on some of the presumed functionality that this peripheral will deliver. In particular, it is believed that the 2017 version of the S Pen may feature a speaker system, while vibrational qualities have also been linked with the Galaxy Note 8 generation stylus.

Another report amid the Galaxy Note 8 rumors roundup suggests that a series of buttons located on the S Pen will provide additional functionality. These will enable users to shortcut to various features rapidly, saving time and adding convenience to an already popular feature. Of course, the S Pen will also enable users to write and draw as usual, essentially delivering the functionality of a pencil and paper.

Productivity focus

Elsewhere, it has also been suggested that Samsung will particularly focus on the productivity capabilities of the Galaxy Note 8 generation. This will result in several new software features that will enable the phone to be utilized in the corporate sector as a serious work device. Apple has undoubtedly made great strides in this area, and with Samsung having recovered from the disastrous exploding Galaxy Note 7, it is clearly looking to muscle in on the Californian corporation’s territory.

The Galaxy Note 8 rumors roundup mill has also suggested that the phablet will feature 64GB of expandable storage on release. This perhaps can be considered a little disappointing, as many fans of the Android series would undoubtedly like to see Samsung include more native storage. While the inclusion of micro SD once more is undoubtedly welcome, not all users wish to buy these flexible cards, and would instead both benefit and welcome increased internal specs.

Samsung is also likely to improve the iris and facial recognition features included in the Galaxy Note 8, as the efforts to improve smartphone security continue to intensify. Biometrics are now, of course, a central aspect of smartphone security, but the Korean developer is expected to announce some new innovations with the Galaxy Note 8 in an attempt to give the phablet an edge over rivals such as the iPhone 8 and Google Pixel 2.

Pricing debate

Ahead of the Unpacked event in New York, the pricing of the Galaxy Note 8 remains somewhat contentious and controversial. While it was initially believed that the smartphone would sell at a relatively affordable price point, following the fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7, this may not be the case after all.

Recent reports have instead suggested that the Galaxy Note 8 will be a rather pricey device, with some analysts asserting that the price tag of the unit will be in excess of $1,000. Other estimates have been somewhat less than this figure, but it is still expected that consumers will need to pay at least $900 to pick up a new Note 8 in the coming weeks.

Considering that the iPhone 8 is expected to retail at $1,000, with the highest estimates for the device being $1,200, it would seem to make commercial sense for Samsung to undercut its rival somewhat. The tenth generation iPhone 8 is expected to be a revolutionary device, so if Samsung is to compete favorably with the Apple handset, it does need to offer consumers some incentive.

The Galaxy Note 8 rumors roundup has also focused on the intention of Samsung to deliver a fingerprint sensor on the rear of the device. This will make it possible for users to unlock the device as soon as it is picked up.

Note 8 concepts

Although Galaxy Note 8 concepts have suggested that the fingerprint scanner could be embedded within the display, this now seems unlikely. Samsung had hoped to deliver this with the Galaxy S8 generation, but encountered logistical problems, and it seems that this will occur once more with the Galaxy Note 8 release.

Above all else, it is essential for Samsung to deliver a robust, durable and reliable Galaxy Note 8, following the fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7. Thus, the Korean corporation has been keen to emphasize the eight-point battery testing safety procedure that it has put in place, with the intention of ensuring that there is never a repeat of the Note 7 difficulties.

We don’t have long to wait to find out what Samsung has in store, with the Unpacked event due to take place on August 23.

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