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Rollo Wireless Printer – Prints Quick, Prints Good And Saves You Money

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If you are in a business where you regularly need to ship products, letters, invoices, etc., then a shipping label printer is a must for you. Though you can use your existing inkjet or laser printer to print shipping labels, it isn’t recommended and it isn’t practical either.

Using a dedicated shipping label printer will help you save time, avoid paper wastage, manage shipping efficiently as well as results in savings in the long run.

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Plenty of options are available in the market, but selecting one is a daunting task. You need to consider several factors before zeroing-in on a shipping label printer, such as ease of use, volume of shipping labels, print quality and of course, budget.

One printer that I believe ticks all these boxes is Rollo Wireless Printer.

Rollo Wireless Printer mainly targets small businesses and individuals. Though it is not the cheapest option on the market, it is certainly the best in its category, i.e. in a wireless shipping label printer. 

What Sets It Apart?

Along with being AirPrint, Wi-Fi enabled (supports iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows, Chromebook, and Linux), this printer works with the cloud-based Rollo Ship Manager. This means it could automatically connect to multiple online platforms to help you manage all your shipping from one place.

Rollo Wireless Printer is compatible with all major shipping platforms, including Fedex, UPS, USPS, ShippingEasy and more. It also supports all major market places, including Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and others. Another plus of this little piece of machine is that it helps you get discounted rates from major shippers that otherwise may not be available to you.

Setting it up is super easy. Setting up a typical printer requires you to download drivers, install proprietary software, and more. Noting of these is required with Rollo Wireless Printer.

Moreover, once you download the Rollo app, it directly connects into the Rollo Wireless Printer. It won’t be wrong to say that this machine gets very close to being a plug-and-play. I was able to set it up ready for printing in just a few minutes.

Its compact size is another aspect that makes it better than most others. You can easily carry it around to any part of your office or home. Despite being small, the printer feels solid and sturdy. Its white shell and brightly colored status lights make the printer visually appealing as well.

Rollo offers prompt customer support. I used customer support a couple of times, and each time I was satisfied with the response time and solution. Even many user reviews on Amazon applaud Rollo’s prompt and effective customer support.

Talking about the print speed, it is quick (even with wireless print), while the print quality is clear and consistent.

Can You Trust It?

Yes you can.

Rollo could be a relatively new company, but it has grown to be a reputable name in the printing world in the past few years. It has been awarded Newsweek's 25 Best Tech and Lifestyle Products (Newsweek, 2022), and it is AirPrint Certified (Apple Corporation).

Rollo also offers “30-Day full money back guarantee, including a free, pre-paid return label for shipments in the continental United States,” as well as one year “replacement warranty on all Rollo printers.”

These are good enough reasons to trust this brand and its product.


Actually, I didn’t find any major drawback with the Rollo Wireless Printer. It is a great product, but if we dig deeper, I would say that the lack of international options for USPS is a letdown. Also, the fact that you can only track mail with USPS domestically limits its use.

It must be noted that even the above drawbacks aren’t related to the core product, rather to the related services. And, I believe that Rollo would address these issues going ahead.

Final Verdict

Rollo Wireless Printer seems like a great product. It may not be perfect, but given its price point ($279.99, including a complimentary pack of 500 4×6 shipping label), it is certainly the best product in its category.

Moreover, it is cheaper to operate (printing life is claimed to be about 650,000 shipping labels) than most other printers in its category. Talking about its performance, it is easy to use, while its printing is quick, consistent, and clear.

In all, it is a value for money product that helps you save time, cost and makes your life easier.

For more details on the Rollo Wireless Printer, visit this link.

Disclaimer: We received free product in return for an honest review.