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Rick Santelli 2012 electionWe try to avoid politics here, but I will be straight forward at this point. I strongly dislike Romney, Gingrich, and Obama (in decending order). I am a big Jon Huntsman fan, and am disappointed that he has no chance of winning the GOP nomination.

Enough about my politics, but something interesting about politics below:

A few weeks ago I posted an article about Rick Santelli running for president. I also took a very unscientific poll, which showed a large majority of readers favored Santelli over Obama. I must note the site mostly consists of men making over 100k who live in metro areas, so it by no means represents all of America.  My audience in general seems to lean to the right, despite metro areas being more liberal than rural areas. Additionally, 30-35% of the audience do not live in the USA, and most of them likely do not have citizenship.

Therefore I state again that the poll was completely unscientific.

There is now an official campaign to convince Santelli for the GOP nomination. the founders are not interested in Santelli running as an independent since that would give Obama the election.

I am paraphrasing the gist of the campaign :

The GOP choice most likely cannot beat the President. And, neither Newt Gingrich nor Mitt Romney, if elected, have the gumption to lead in a manner other than as a typical politician would, I.e. running for reelection from day one.
Rick Santelli is different: he is incredibly sharp and articulate, with a firm grasp of what is needed on behalf of the people, not for himself.
The positive response and support our efforts have received on Rick’s behalf have been just incredible, even beyond our high expectations.
All we need is for Rick to declare, or even just test the water without yet declaring, and then he is headed for the history books as a great American President.
Just sitting with him we could feel that he truly appreciates the situation,  as both a leader and as an individual. But, he’s never been in politics and …
He needs to be invited  onto Hannity  or  O’Reilly to discuss the state of …….. and why his Draft Campaign has become such a phenomenon.

Below is more information:

The Co-Founders of the Draft Santelli for President 2012 Campaign were in Chicago last week meeting with our guy for President, Rick Santelli.  It was a great trip: Rick is awesome, a very special person!  We have updated the home page of the website with Update Note 12/9 to reflect that trip.

More than ever we are convinced that Rick Santelli must run for President on behalf of the future best interests of 310 million Americans.

While there, we took the liberty of doing a man-on-the street poll. The poll was conducted in 2 different locations in downtown Chicago.

We first qualified the responders, selected at random, to determine if they were registered voters. We also didn’t bias the poll by indicating who we supported, or the reason for the poll.
Here are the results:

Would you vote for a Republican candidate for President if there were a candidate you felt would be a better choice than President Obama to be the next President?
Yes: 57
No: 39
Not sure: 4

If you were to vote for a Republican for President, how happy are you with the choices you currently have from among the existing candidates?
Happy:  18
Unhappy: 76
Unsure: 6

Are you familiar with Rick Santelli of CNBC
Yes: 52
No: 45
Not sure: 3

Of those 52 answering that they were familiar with Rick Santelli, we asked, would you vote for Rick Santelli as opposed to any of the current Republican candidates?

Yes: 44
No: 8

Of the same 52, we asked if they would vote for Rick Santelli if he ran against President Obama next November?
Yes: 46
No: 6

The results are quite interesting and supportive of all of our efforts, as well as in confirmation of other similar polls we have taken where Rick is not currently as widely known.

Support for the undeclared Rick is huge and is widespread throughout the country, and growing daily, even without a campaign or publicity.

More than ever, we are convinced that Rick Santelli can earn the Republican nomination and then defeat fellow Chicagoan, President Obama. Now, that’s something you could bet on!


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