Retina-ready Apps Appear In Apple’s Mac App Store

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Retina-ready Apps Appear In Apple's Mac App Store

Could the next generation MacBook feature retina display? It looks like that rumor may be true. Reports have indicated that Apple recently gave their approval for an updated version of a popular application that will feature retina-graphics.  Apple may confirm this rumor(along with many others) next week at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

The updated app was Folder Watch, which was featured as an Apple Staff Favorite back in June 2011 and it costs $11.99 to download.  Other key updates for this app include sidebar folders, updated Resync to 3.0.9, Growl 1.3 compatibility, bug fixes, and menu bar helper warnings.  Other Mac related rumors include redesigned laptops that are thinner than the previous generation.

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It looks like Apple might create a more impressive MacBook with retina-display after all.  This is really no guarantee though. According to Don Resinger from CNET, the company is known for being extremely secretive when it comes to new products. Perhaps this “retina display” isn’t really a retina display feature after all. Maybe it’s one of their “Cinema Displays” which is another high-definition feature which has a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440.  It’s important to point out that retina display is essentially an interchangeable word for high-definition.  Of course nothing will be confirmed until it’s introduced at the WWDC.

A retina display would be a nice feature to add to their line of laptops, it would also be ideal for Apple users who love the retina displays on their iPhones and iPad and desire the same feature on their MacBooks. I’m really hoping this rumor is true and I think it could be because they know what Apple fans want and demand from their products.  More importantly, it would draw up significant interest for their MacBook line, which is something I’m sure they want to do. Now all we can do is patiently await for the WWDC.

 Image courtesy of Don Resigner/CNET

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