ReShaping The Marketing Industry: Successful Marketing Solutions

  • Despite total worldwide retail sales declining by approximately 3.0% around the world, ecommerce managed to perform way above pre-pandemic expectations in 2020.
  • In 2020, retail e-commerce sales globally amounted to roughly USD $4.28 trillion, with e-retail revenues currently predicted to exceed USD $5.3 trillion in 2022.
  • Around the world, online shopping is one of the most popular activities.

As the end of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic is finally coming to an end, the business sector’s reemergence may lead some individuals to conclude that the world is returning ‘’back to normal’’. 

This, however, is unlikely to ever be the case again, as the effects of the pandemic have irrevocably altered the ways in which we conduct business- particularly when considering the propelling growth of e-commerce on a global level. 

Successful Marketing Solutions (SMS) is a prominent marketing company that- according to its founder (Professor Bob Boyd) was founded almost 18 years ago (November 2003). Most recently, SMS has announced that it will be partnering up with OnPassive so as to holistically ‘’reshape’’ the current state of the marketing industry for business owners and agencies alike. 

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Let’s take a look at the likely implications of such a partnership below.

A Look At SMS’s Founder: Bob Boyd

Professor Bob Boyd has allegedly been included in Marquis Who’s Who- one of the most prominent and established ‘libraries’ of short biographies in the entire world. 

All of the Marquis Who’s Who biographical volumes are selected based on the same list of criteria; these include: a) an individual’s number of noteworthy accomplishments, b) an individual’s global and industry-related visibility, and c) an individual’s overall position and prominence in a specified field. 

Dr. Boyd initially served in the U.S. armed forces; following his departure, he allegedly initiated a variety of courses in his local community college, later enrolling in the Golden State University (where he graduated top of his class in with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management), and eventually earned a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Pepperdine University (1976) before obtaining his PhD in business administration in 1989.

As a result of recognising his personal potential, Dr. Boyd went on to create and manage a prolific number of successful businesses in a variety of different industries. In 2003, he notably launched Successful Marketing Solutions. 

A New Partnership?

As briefly indicated above, SMS has recently announced its plans to partner up with OnPassive so as to entirely ‘’reshape’’ the state of the marketing sector by allowing businesses to utilize a plethora of innovative AI-powered business tools and services- making them as efficient and productive as possible.

The partnership has one additional principal goal in mind: to change the troubling failure rate of most new businesses in our increasingly competitive and harsh economy. In the U.S, for example, only 50% of businesses ‘survive’ for more than 5 years following their launch (according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). 

Readers Interested in SMS’s New Partnership Can See More Below:

Given OnPassive’s broad range of e-services and specialties, a potential partnership between SMS and themselves may actually entirely reshape the business sector to a significant extent so as to change such a ‘’conventional’’ statistic- but of course only time can tell. 

The partnership between the two industry giants is meant to benefit businesses in the following ways: 1) it will offer companies with no current digital websites a comprehensive ‘’plug-n-play’’ algorithm through which they will apparently be able to significantly propel their online popularity, and 2) it will provide a second ‘’online’’ platform for all affiliate companies which will allow them to benefit from each other’s popularity (through traffic interception).

OnPassive is currently allowing interested individuals to become ‘’founders’’ by buying into their business before it becomes public. This holds a small fee of USD $97, which will then require an additional amount of around USD $250 after no more founders are accepted. According to Dr. Boyd, OnPassive is currently the only company in the industry that provides such a service with a written 30-day money back guarantee- a fact which (if true) will likely be very valuable to potential customers.

Final Words

The marketing industry- like most commercial sectors, is constantly changing. Regardless of whether SMS’s and OnPassive’s partnership proves to completely revolutionize e-commerce or not, their shared operations and vision is undoubtedly exciting news. 

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