Being A Pro Gamer Just Got Better

Pro-gamer sounds like an awesome job. But most professional players still struggle to keep a steady income from video games.

This is only possible in a free society.

Pro Gamer

That’s all about to change thanks to a new plan from Blizzard-Activision games.

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Blizzard-Activision, makers of huge games like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, just announced the formation of the “Overwatch League” this week. They plan to form professional teams in cities across the US to play “Overwatch”. This decision comes after lots of success in E-Sports with games like “Starcraft 2,” “Heroes of the Storm,” and “Hearthstone.”

Blizzard-Activision already makes money sponsoring professional matches, but by offering better pay and benefits to gamers, they’re turning a fun hobby into a professional sport.

Now, players will be able to earn a steady income, sponsorship deals, and benefits for competing in live tournaments broadcast around the world every week. This means more income for game companies like Blizzard. More income for teams. And more income for players.

A job no one thought would be possible years ago, is now turning into a stable career. This is only possible in a free society.

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