Prescience Partners up 70% in 2011, Shorting Chinese Frauds

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Prescience Partners LP (the “Fund”) was up +1.36% after all fees in the month of December. In the year ended December 31, 2011, the Fund is up +68.93%.

Since inception in August 2009, the Fund is up +76.77% after all fees. An investment of $100,000 in the Fund at inception has grown to ~$176,770.


In 2011, we identified a compelling set of investment opportunities which proved very rewarding for our investors. At the same time, we played an active role in protecting public shareholders and defending the integrity of US financial markets.

Specifically, we exposed several fraudulent public companies that appeared to be hoodwinking other investors. To date, two of five of these companies have been halted from trading by the NASDAQ Listings Investigations Unit (see ABAT and APWR; the corresponding research exposés can be downloaded here and here) following the publication of our reports. In addition, the Securities and Exchange Commission opened a detailed investigation into APWR to determine whether it or any of its personnel violated the federal securities laws.

Looking forward we remain focused on equities at the smaller end of the spectrum of publicly traded companies, where we have identified several attractive opportunities in undervalued equities ripe for investor activism and where we continue to implement our event-driven short strategy.

Based on the breadth of our pipeline of well-researched ideas, we believe that today will also prove to have been a very attractive time to invest in the Fund. Our strategy is longer-term in nature; if you have a long-term orientation and are an accredited investor interested in learning more about our investment offering, please contact us.

Full December report below:

Prescience Investor Update 12 2011

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