Pokemon Go Cheat App PokeGod Works Without Jailbreak

Pokemon Go Cheat App PokeGod Works Without Jailbreak
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Since Pokemon Go launched a few months ago, a new industry has sprung to life based on cheating. As for why anyone would want to cheat, that’s simple. If you play the game as Niantic created it to be played, you’ll have to walk the streets hunting Pokemon. However, if you take advantage of Pokemon Go cheats, you can stay at home with your feet up!

Ninatic doesn’t like cheats

The developer of Pokemon Go has been at war with third-party developers looking to cash in on its popularity. And while this popularity has seen servers crash and international expansion curtailed, hackers/third-party developers have been finding ways to not only give themselves an edge but also allow players to take it easy.

To combat this, Niantic has been releasing regular updates which it hopes will prevent and detect Pokemon Go cheats. However, it seems that with interest in the game not looking like it’s going to wane anytime soon, hackers/third-party devs have the upper hand right now and are finding ways around each prevention method Niantic includes.

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Pokemon Go cheats

Last week I shared with you how to hack Pokemon Go without a jailbreak. This Pokemon cheat allows players to walk anywhere without having to move. However, to get it to work, there are some things a user must do, which is bad news if you’re just looking for a cheat that’s quick and easy to implement.

Fortunately, there is a new Pokemon Go cheat for iOS, and like the previous, it doesn’t require a jailbreak.


Created by UC Berkeley students in their spare time, this is essentially a bot. As I’ve said, the developer of Pokemon Go hates cheats and bots, but it’s not always easy to detect them. One that’s fallen through the cracks is PokeGOD, which is a Pokemon Go cheat for iOS.

The thing about it is that it works like a hated bot, which goes against Niantic’s terms of service. However, as it’s an iOS app that has been approved for the App Store by Apple, its developers have gotten away with what many have failed to do — get accepted and then charge $1.99 for a download.

How PokeGOD works

Yes, this is another Pokemon Go cheat that circumvents the rules and let you stay at home while playing. In fact, it does more; while you sit at home, it will also do the Pokemon catching for you.

It does this by walking at a pace that fools Niantic and won’t get you banned from playing the game. A huge plus for this Pokemon Go cheat is that it works with the very latest game update for iOS. So here are the benefits again. One is that you can use this cheat without a jailbreak. Second, the cheat is an app available on the App Store, and third, it will allow you to stay at home while it catches Pokemon for you.

If you want to know more about PokeGOD, watch this video:

Alternatively, you can head on over to the Apple App Store and download it now. If you use this app or have information about anything else related, please share it in the comments section below.

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