Why Sony Did Not Release PlayStation Neo aka PS 4.5 At E3?

Why Sony Did Not Release PlayStation Neo aka PS 4.5 At E3?
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We know about Sony’s plans for VR, 50 titles at launch and so on, but why was there something missing that we had all hoped to see yesterday at E3? Why was the PlayStation Neo not there, when there had been so much hype surrounding it prior to the start of E3? In an interview with the BBC, yesterday head of PlayStation Andrew House said that the console was just not ready to be seen at an event like E3.

The PlayStation Neo Experience

House said, that just like Sony had waited with its VR product, it would wait to reveal the PlayStation Neo until it believed in had a depth of experiences (presumably games) ready for the console. And only then would Sony reveal its new hardware to the waiting public.

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A Change in Strategy

Over its lifecycle, the PlayStation console has seen a number of different variations come and go, with the PlayStation Neo the console is seen as a possible new strategy for Sony. However, House addressed this clearly in his conversation with the BBC. And suggested that the PlayStation Neo would be an additional console in a line-up and not a replacement.

He also went on to talk about the standard lifecycle of the console that most manufacturers had adopted, and how Sony has decided to take an opportunity to change this strategy in this regard.
The opportunity he talked about, is to move away from what he called a static console that stays the same for up to eight years. Instead, with the PlayStation Neo and other possible future consoles there, could be the promise of something a little extra. Meaning that these consoles could offer something extra in the area of graphics and fidelity and play much smoother than games have previously.

So apart from dropping some big hints as to the future direction of PlayStation, he did not reveal much at all about the PlayStation Neo other than what we already know. Yes, we now know why Sony did not show us their hardware like Microsoft did with the Xbox One S, but I was hoping for much more than software and VR from Sony, where you?

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