PlayStation 3 With 12GB Storage Coming on August 18th in N. America

PlayStation 3 With 12GB Storage Coming on August 18th in N. America

For Sony, this year is going to be a pretty important one because of the launch of the company’s next gaming console – the PlayStation 4. While the focus is on PS4, it seems that Sony is not in a mood to ignore its current-generation PlayStation 3. Sony has announced in last September that it was planning to launch a 12GB, flash storage-based version of the PS3 but the only catch was that it will be made available only to the Hong Kong and European markets. Sony has specifically mentioned that the console would not be available in North America.

However, it now seems that the company has gone back on its word and decided to launch the same console in the United States. There’s no official word on this but the company might have given a second thought to its decision.

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Canada’s Future Shop has listed the 12GB PS3 In Stock for a price of $199.99 but then right now it looks like the entry has been quickly removed from the store. Apart from that, a number of stock trackers are confirming that many brick and mortar stores will also have this new PlayStation 3 model in the store. The new report suggests that the gaming console will be available in both Canada and the United States on August 18th. Those who’re thinking to get their hands on a cheaper version of the gaming console can pick it up right at this date.

But wait, before you get excited, it’s worth noting that a brand new 500GB PS3 with Grand Theft Auto V is available for just $70 more. It looks like Sony, with this new affordable version aims to bring as many PS3s as possible to the living rooms.

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